Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 56

Last Nights Caper
Super secret stuff... ;)

Actually it was just studying lol.

Day 56

This was my gift from Wishy the Star from last nights meteor shower - an unknown machine. I loved the mad scientist theme in Wild World, don't know if I'll end up using it in New Left (also I really need to expand my house some more...)

Totally forgot I built this yesterday (what a great mayor I am). I went back to the Town Hall to have Isabelle initiate the completion ceremony.

I do like it's spot, it's just the surrounding cosmos which make it look ugly (never really been a fan of cosmos, maybe because of how cheap and ugly they looked in Wild World).

Katrina was also in town today. Katrina did give me a different fortune today, the good luck fortune in wealth. However, before visiting Katrina I searched for the Bell Rock, which gave me more bells than usual, so maybe fortunes are pre determined?

My lucky item was a hat, which I already had on, so I didn't need to worry about changing anything - though not that I had much time to play today anyway.

I then considered building another stone tablet in the above spot. Though, I did want to save up the space north for a larger public works project... Besides, I'm still waiting on the Police Station.

Unrelated News
Yeah, short post today. I would add more, but I'm rather annoyed because my last exam is on Monday, but there is an issue going on where my class might have to do an exam again due to an error on the teachers behalf giving some people extra time when they're not meant so and that's meant to be next Friday (good luck getting me to do it 'cause I ain't). Anyway, I'm in a really sour mood from that so yeah... Bye.

So that's where all my daily fossils have been spawning...


  1. Do you press A when you see a shooting star to get a gift?


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