Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 66

Last Nights Caper
Didn't end up happening. I did play, but nothing interesting to report back on.

Day 66 
Katrina was in town today. I got a fortune, a negative fortune in health, which I needed basic bottoms to correct. Sadly the Able Sisters didn't have any basic bottoms in stock, so I had to put up with the fortune. Didn't really bother me, I didn't plan on shaking any trees and I didn't trip that much. I also wondered if her fortunes have any context to game play, because she did mention Katie being in my town, and indeed she was - didn't end up giving her to anyone, though.

Bree and Ricky were also continuing to tune each other (I swear they're dating) - even though we all know Bree is totally against Ricky (dw, she'll just get her spice girls back and teach Ricky a thing or two).

I also finally got around to celebrating the lighthouse today, and guess who showed up, Bree and Ricky - both on opposite sides though, guessing they want to try keep their relationship a secret... 

Later in the evening Rosie suggested another public works project, though it wasn't one I plan on building. I also got a picture of the fairy-tale clock Gala (I think it was Gala anyway) suggested the other day.

Additionally, I decided to work at the cafe today (it's been a while), just to try get back into the swing of things. I also got given a coffee grinder for my troubles. What a nice welcome back present.

Of course I tried my hardest to make sure I got Ricky's order right...

Unrelated News
Hmm. Not really sure what to put here, so I hope you enjoyed my post and I hope to see you tomorrow! Cya.


  1. In the first picture for the light house celebration, it looks as if Bree is evilly glaring Julian ._. ...
    She must of been secretly mad that Julian was standing next to Ricky.

  2. I think that ricky and bree r the perfect couple


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