Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 68

Last Nights Caper

Day 68
Saharah was in town today. I think it's been a while since I last saw her..? I'm not too sure (I know it's been a while since we've seen Gulliver though!).
As usual, she asked for a 3,000 bells down payment and in return she'd change up the carpet and wall paper of my house. As usual, I accepted her offer. She gave me the modern wood wall and checkered tile. I don't think any are originals, oh well, there's always next time...

The T.I.Y also had yet another spotlight item in stock (two days in a row!). This time i was a more fitting garden gnome, with a much cheaper price of just over 3,000 bells. I decided to buy it, and luckily I did, as Rod was on the prowl for a small piece of furniture, and I decided to hand him the garden gnome - should go nicely in his pirate themed house.

I also read a tip on how the lovely phone tells your fortune for he day (much like Katrina), so I headed to my back room to interact with the phone, and I did indeed get a fortune from it. I didn't have any ornate bottoms so I have no idea what luck I could have gotten, I didn't seem to notice anything negative gameplay wise though.

Shari and her shady personality struck again, selling me a painting for a huge mark up, a little over 5,000 bells. Shari always comes off as weird (seriously, speak to her in her house at night and she'll tell you how disappointed she is it isn't a night time raid...), so I was skeptic to buy the painting from her (as she has sold me a few forgeries in the past). However, I decided on the chance that it could be real, it'd be one less painting for me museum, so I decided to buy it anyway. Luckily I did because it turned out to be real!

If it was fake, the index finger on the left would be much longer than 
the other fingers

Other Things

No, you can not. That's the stupidest nick name ever

Unrelated News
Yeah, sorry for the short post again. I did mean to work at the cafe, but as you can tell, that didn't end up happening. Anyway, I mentioned this a week or so back, but I have an 18th on the 23rd, and 24th so I'm not sure how I'll handle blogging then (as I'll be getting home late). Although, if I don't feel well (like always), then I don't think I'll end up going, but we'll see how it plays out. Cya!


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