Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 69

Last Nights Caper

Day 69
Since I've been sick this past week and not been to school, I spent most of the day trying to catch up school work, so forgive the short post.

As I was walking around town, it was a nice surprise to come across Gracie at the town center. I didn't expect her (at least not for another weak!). She was quick to introduce herself and tell me her aim, so I guess I'll be seeing her on a weekly basis (if I'm lucky).

I accepted her challenge, and the gave me 'flashy' style... What.

I was too lazy to check online which clothes passed as flashy (I was going to order clothes and try once the mail arrived, but figured I should try my luck). So I hit up the Able Sisters and Kicks, and only flashy items I could get was the mouth-twig accessory, and the jester shoes. I believe you need at least 3 items of the style she asks you to get (but some other styles give an instant fail), so I only needed one more. I thought I had a pair of star socks somewhere, but I didn't (I thought they were flashy). I then went through my drawers, and came across a bopper, and a blue aloha tee (the bopper had to be flashy style).
So with my horribly mis-matched outfit, I got Gracie to do her fashion check.

Somehow I managed to pass (praise), but she still had a few things to say about my fashion sense.

For my efforts, she decided to give me a pink tank (seriously, Gracie...). I tried it on and it just looks even worse than my horrid style...

One pass down, three to go...

The second thing I did for the day was call up on the phone for my fortune.

Have no idea what that means so... Help? lol

Unrelated News
Yeah, sorry for the short post, I did play more but nothing was interesting enough to blog about, so forgive me. Cya!


  1. Probably a skirt, or pants/shorts that when you try thm on, Mabel says something about them being a feminine style.

    Crossdressing is fun.

  2. I like your ACNL blog. I had Gracie today. She said "historical". I knew my other character (I made him a few days ago to get extra DL) had historical, so he talked to Gracie and she said "basic". He had some basic stuff and passed.

  3. It's really funny what Gracie will accept for her fashion checks, girl has no fashion sense haha



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