Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 70

Last Nights Caper

Day 70
It was a lovely surprise going to the Able Sisters and bng given a mannequin after my purchase - that's three now, just one left. Although I don't have anything to display on it... I was thinking dressing it like Midna, though I'd need to find the QR code for the dress again (shouldn't be that hard). I put the mannequin in the museum display rooms with the others.

I also decided to work at the cafe today. I didn't get rewarded with anything extra, I did get superb coffee beans, which I put up at Re-Tail for a large 7,500 bells (I think next load I'll do 9,000 and see if they sell).

The fortune telling service also gave me yet another fortune that didn't make sense... Maybe I should do a little research after every fortune? Or maybe they're just totally random and not meant to make sense...

I then got a little bored of Skyfall's under developed state (seriously guys, suggest some decent public works projects), so I decided to build the reset center. I wanted to put it in the middle spot of the cherry tree orchard at the top left corner of town, but it was 'too close' to the plaza... It totally wasn't, there was enough room. 
So instead I walked around town, and placed it at the bottom right of the town. However, soon after placing it I decided it looked ugly there so I decided to cancel the funding for the project, so we ended up building nothing...

And finally, Bree seems to think Shari is a boy... Or maybe Shari is Ricky in disguise???

Unrelated News
So if you've been reading the past few days you'd know I just came back from an 18th not that long ago and I'm really tired and just want to get this post done with. So that's all i'm gonna say about that (and we have another one tomorrow night...). Toodles!


  1. Anicotti has said that to me about Pashmina as well. I don't think they have a problem with the other animals, I think that particular phrase is wrong.

  2. Replies
    1. Become Sable's best friend...1
      Buy a ton of items, I forgot how much, sorry, from Mable and Labelle.
      Then I think the last one is from Gracie.

      I hope.

      I'm so helpful. xD

  3. I have bree as a citizen :D


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