Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 71

Last Nights Caper

Day 71

Finally... A new villager (we haven't had one move in for a few weeks). I don't really like Moe, so I see him leaving ASAP. I did find it odd he pretty much put his house in the same place as Mac, just a few spaces to the right. Guess we'll see Moe tomorrow (maybe he'll grow on me).

Phineas was also in town today - and he gave us a bronze badge for scoring with the HHA. I also got a letter from the HHA in the mail with a gift attached. I assumed I had ordered something, but once I got this bag, I opened it up to find I had been given a silver plaque.

Bree also told me she wanted to leave on the 29th. Right now, I like where Bree's house is, and I don't hate her that much to want her to leave, so I guess she can stay a little longer. The only one I want to leave is Ricky because I just want to put the tent where his house is.

I then decided to make the most of my time by working at the cafe, as usual, I got some superb coffee beans, but Brewster also gave me a cafe uniform.

I went to Re-Tail to put the coffee beans up for sale, but oddly enough, I came across a very familiar garden gnome...

Wow, thanks Rod! I thought you wanted it for your home... You didn't even keep it for a week! Last time you're getting something from me.

Julian also invited me over to his house. The time we decided on was 2:30pm, but I totally forgot (like I always do). Although I was on the island racking up a load of medals. I think I went from ~60 to just over 400 doing the Tuna-Kahuna Tour (I just like the name of it ok). And that's how I spent the rest of my day.

Unrelated News
Yes. I came back from an 18th AGAIN. And I'm really tired so I just want to sleep so cya!


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