Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 72

Last Nights Caper
Harry and Gandalf came over.

Day 72
Damn. I'm getting really forgetful to take the out the front of the house photo as soon as a clock in... Oh well. Maybe I'll remember someday.
Anyway, Moe moved in, I like his eyes, but I don't think that's enough to convince me to let him stay. I think once he wants to move out, I'll let him go. He has a cute personality from what I can tell though.

I also felt guilty from not visiting Julian yesterday when he invited me over, so I decided to stop by his house, and what a shock that was. The interior didn't even make sense (what happened to your regal bed and star globe?). Guess that's what I get for selling random stuff at Re-Tail. Though back in 2012 I did say I would try make my villagers houses look decent by sending them gifts in the mail of what their house should look like, maybe I should send Julian pieces of regal furniture.

Speaking to Julian, he let loose that Rosie was considering leaving on the 30th. No way. I don't really like Rosie that much, but her house is tucked away in the corner, so it doesn't bother me. I don't want to risk having her leave and then having a villager plop their house smack bang in the middle of the path (72 days in and haven't had that happen yet, touch wood). So I told her not to leave, and she listened to me.

Brewster didn't want any help at the roost today, probably because it was a public holiday, so I didn't get to work and start collecting the brewster styled gyroids (I believe they're next?).

Bree and Rosie were also being creepy...

And then I decided to dial up the local fortune service. I seem to get a lot of shopping fortunes, too bad I'm too lazy to find out what they mean.

I then asked around and managed to complete the Alpine set (well I just need the wall, but that's on it's way). In celebration, I decided to expand the right room of my house to make way for all the new Alpine furniture moving in!

I then spent the rest of the day on the island catching bugs and making money to counteract the bells I had just spent on the house expansion, which I managed to gain back in a few hours. Now time for the fireworks show!

As I suspected last week, Isaballe gave me the fourth bopper I didn't have yet, a star bopper (and probably my favorite bopper out of the four, save the best 'til last I guess).

After using Isabelle solely to get a bopper, I then sat back and watched the fireworks into the night. It's funny, at the start of August I didn't expect to make it to all four shows, but somehow I managed to, yay.

Unrelated News
Hmmm idk too lazy to write something here right now I left blogging a little later than I expected so yeah, cya!


  1. Hey! Just wanted to say I love reading your daily updates from ACNL. Though I play every day, I would be too lazy to update every single day.
    Well done and keep up the good job! Even short posts are cool^^

  2. I laughed soo hard,yiur villagers funny,XD

  3. If you don't want Moe, i'll take him! :o He's the first villager i ever met in my first AC game. I love him<3


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