Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 73

Last Nights Caper
Harry came over for the fireworks show.

Day 73
To kick it off, I came across a lost item near Moe's house. For some reason I thought it belonged to Moe so I spent the day trying to find him (I legit haven't seen him all day - probs planning world domination with Ricky). Would have been nice to welcome him on his first mobile day in town, but meh. Anyway, after asking around, I managed to find the owner of the lost item, and I wish I didn't...

At least he gave me a sleek sofa, which I needed for my sleek room - so I guess he does come in handy after all.

Julian was also sick, so I decided to give him some medicine (unlike Ricky). Hopefully he get's better soon. On the bright side, he can't suggest public works projects, which is good since I don't like many the smug personality suggest (not that he suggests many anyway).

I went to speak with Nook to get my new mortgage summary. Just under 500,000 bells - didn't expect it to be that cheap, I thought it'd cost more. Oh well.
With my new expansion, I was able to put all the alpine set in the room (it's a little cluttered but oh well). I'm still lacking the wall.

I forgot Gala invited herself over at 2:30 but luckily I was in my home

Cafe time. I just got superb coffee beans, no gyroids... I also got Ricky's order correct - the guide I read says he wants lots of milk and 3 sugars - however in actual fact he wants the regular amount of milk and 3 sugars (I forget what coffee beans but the guide lists the correct ones).

Cat from La Luna village invited me over for her towns fireworks show (it was Sunday night in her town what it was Monday morning for me), so I decided to go over and take a tour of La Lune village whilst I was there.

She also had a lovely phone in her house so I decided to get my fortune told there instead of my town as per usual, still don't understand the fortunes though.

Afterwards we went to my town where she got the tour, as well as watered all my flowers, so thank you!

Unrelated News
Again, feeling lazy to put something relevant here, so guess I'll just link ya'll to my 30,000 follower giveaway.


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog. (: I totally was just reminded of it because I have Bree in my campsite today. Haha.


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