Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 74

Last Nights Caper
I logged on just to find Moe, which I did LOL!

Day 74

I remembered to take an opening pic! Let's have a moment of silence please... Ok there we go. Tomorrow marks day 75, which is 3/4 of 100, that's crazy!
To celebrate a day early, the HHA sent me a gold plaque in the mail. I put it in me alpine room next to the silver plaque I got the other day. Now I believe it's two trophies, a house model then I get the challenge to get the golden exteriors!

Katrina was also in town and oh damn I wanted to check on the phone to see if I got the same fortune (guess I'll go on after this post). Anyway, Katrina gave me a good luck fortune in items, presuming I had some triangle shades (which I did not), so guess that fortune gets flushed away. At least it means we're getting closer and closer to 20 fortunes and we'll have her store in Main Street sooner or later (really don't see it happening until March next year lol).

I then went to the T.I.Y to get some medicine for Julian, where Rosie thought she was for sale. At least Julian seems to be getting better. From what I've read, it takes about three days of medicine to work so he should be feeling better on Thursday.

Working at the cafe just gave me the usual superb coffee beans - no extra rewards today (maybe tomorrow?).

Bree and Ricky were also flirting with each other, yet again (is it programmed in the game for snooty personalities to like cranky villagers?). It honestly just started out as a joke but it seems to be getting more and more serious...

And finally, my sleek room in my house is coming along nicely (I'm thinking of expanding it).

Unrelated News
Again, feeling lazy, sick and horrible. However I was at school today for the first time in tow weeks (it's been a long time). Anyway, cya! (I feel like I had something important to say but I can't remember).


  1. Pretty sure Cranky villagers are the only personality that Snooty villagers befriend without a hitch.


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