Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 76

Last Nights Caper
Nope. Actually I do feel as like I did play but I don't have any pictures to prove myself.

Day 76
First thing I do, obviously, is run over to the carnations so see if the fertilizer had helped them... Thankfully it had (for some reason I thought it wouldn't have...)! I would have preferred if I got a pink or white carnation, but hey an extra red, can't complain.

As you can probably see in the above screenshot, I had Redd in town today. I walked in the browse his artworks, to see what I could score today.

He had four paintings, a wistful painting, neutral painting, solemn painting and a common painting. Today was a very hectic day, so I guess I didn't play properly and only took photos of two paintings (the solemn and common), so I have included the pictures from the masterpost to show the fakes off.

Fake - the middle figure is shorter in the real painting

Real - there is no fake

Fake - the real artwork has a blue headband

Fake - the leaf has no bug bite out of it in the real painting

Obviously, I bought the real painting - the common painting.

I worked at the cafe again today, I just got superb coffee beans, and no additional prize. Oh well.

Unrelated News
I did play a bit today, but nothing too much interesting happened, hence the short post. Additionally  I had my neurologist appointment today, so that stole about 4 hours of my day... So yeah, cya!


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