Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 77

Last Nights Caper
I don't believe I did anything, could be wrong though...

Day 77

As I was walking around town doing the daily duties of watering flowers and such, I came across a clover patch near the stonehenge, and finally, a four leaf clover! I added it to the alpine room in my house, which I finally got the wall for - I'll show it off later in this post.

Since I was in my house, I decided to dial up the fortune service and see what my luck for the day was.

Bree and Ricky were also having yet another conversation - although I didn't get to catch on to what it was as I was to far away to intervene, however the two were mad at each other at the end of the convo - maybe Ricky asked Bree out again and he got rejected?

Working at the cafe, again, I only got superb coffee beans (I'm thinking I should get another brewstoid at the end of the week). Butch came to visit for another coffee again, guess he likes it in Skyfall. Probably just a coincidence he appeared twice.

I also finally got fed up of my tan, so I went to the Able Sisters to buy a hat which prevents tanning. Now I know it'll prevent my tan going and darker, but I don't know if it'll be any help in making my tan go away.

With my new cap empowering me (lol), I decided to hit up the Town Hall and start a public works project - the fairy-tale clock.

I kinda of had an idea on where I wanted it. I knew I wanted it in the northern part of town near Re-Tail. Actually, about a week or so I wanted to place one near Bree's house, but the 'perfect spot' was too close to Bree's house and wouldn't build, so I gave up on it. Anyway, I decided to plant it near the perfect cherry trees, and I do like it's placement. I paid it off right away.

Pete was also in town delivering the mail, he seemed very determined to get ALL the letters delivered on time.

I also got word that Murray, the player who had supplied me with the Alpine series, had got his hands on a wall. So I went over to his town to pick it up, and I went back to Skyfall to complete the room. I really like how it's looking. Of course, when we get more room, we can add a  few more tables and chairs and make the room more appealing.

Murray also had Katie, so he asked me to open up and he dropped the wandering kitten off in my town.

Unrelated News
Meeep. I'm really not getting bored or writing stuff here, I just don't know what to put lol. Cya!

Almost at 100! Actually, we're at 93, because I took that photo before Murray dropped Katie off. Still don't know which design I'll go with. I'm thinking Zen style but the Modern style looks pretty neat!


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