Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 78

Last Nights Caper
I got caught up watching a one of my favorite reality TV shows so I was so into that I didn't play.

Day 78
Well, it was just one of those days (and we have so many) - where first thing that happens when I play is that a resident tells me they want to move. It was Bree this time, I believe this is either her second, maybe even third time she's tried to move. I mean, c'mon, Bree. You have your own guest spot in The Adventures of Jke and Rcky, why would you want to move out? You're a local celebrity! So of course, I told her not to, and she decided to stay.

It may have been girls day here in Skyfall because a lot of our female villagers seemed to want out attention. Next up was Rocket, who asked me to bury a time capsule for her. Of course, I told her I would, and buried it next to her house, as per tradition.

The final 'resident' of the unofficial girls day was Isabelle - whom I spoke to to hold the completion ceremony of the newly constructed fairy-tale clock. I'll admit, when I was walking around town this morning, I really liked where it was placed. Good choice, mayor.

Julian was also hitting on Bree, guess Ricky has some competition. However, Bree's heart seems to belong with Ricky, because she was quick to shut Julian down.

Special thanks to Garrett, as well. He was Skyfall's official 100th visitor, which means I can now (hopefully - I've yet to speak to Porter) reconstruct the train station, and have it in Zen, Modern or Fairytale style (still undecided on what I'll go with). Anyway, I'll go speak with Porter tomorrow and hope I'll unlock the option.

In the evening, I decided to ring up and get my fortune as I hadn't today. I guess this one made a little more sense than the others, but all in all, it still didn't make a lot of sense to me... However, if I was to make a guess, I would assume it would have something to do that wearing some flashy bottoms would increase my chances of finding creatures whilst diving? Possibly upping my chances of finding rare/expensive creatures.. I don't know tbh.

Cafe time, I got my second brewstoid. This one was simply just called a 'brewstoid' - and as usual, I got some more superb coffee beans. DJ K.K. was the special visitor today, and having him come buy some coffee jogged my memory and made me realize I hadn't seen K.K. Slider perform at Club LOL on a Saturday night for a long time. So after working at the cafe, that's exactly what I did to end my night.

Unrelated News
Man! I got my soapie to watch! I wanted to have this post done by 10:30 but it's now 10:39 and by the time I get my act together, it probably will be around 10:45. Fifteen minutes later than expected! Eep, need to watch this, soooo addictive. Cya!


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