Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 100: Julian, Julian, and more Julian! ft. Julian

Last Nights Caper
Didn't play, but it's easier to include the piceture of the wooden bridge Ricky requested yesterday here than in today's post so here you go.

Day 100
Holla!!! We made it to 100. I feel like I should make some big promotional thank you speech (promotional..? Is that even the right context to use that word idno yolo). But anyway, I guess I'm just going to thank all my 'followers' (really hate calling you guys followers 'cause it sounds degrading lol), but seriously, without you then there'd be nothing. So whether you've been here from the beginning, just last week, just started today, or read this sometime in the future, I thank you!

So here were the results from the bug off yesterday. In all honesty, I could have won the bug off, I have three scorpions in my drawers (don't even know why lol), but I've gotten a gold trophy every time, so it was nice getting a bronze. Plus, like I mentioned yesterday, I only really like the sofa and wall clock. So congrats to Ricky who won! I really wish that villagers would display their trophies in their houses for a period of time...

Today's fortune didn't hold much... I hope that 'special someone' will be Gracie who'll appear tomorrow LOL. I really doubt it though. Was a little surprised she didn't show up last week though. Hopefully she'll show up this coming week.

Now literally, the rest of this post is Julian, so if you're not a fan of Julian then I suggest you stop reading lol.
As soon as I emerged from my basement after receiving today's fortune, Julian decided to barge in for legit the 1825th time. Didn't have that much of a problem though, and he honestly stayed for no longer than 30 seconds.

Not too long after leaving my house, Julian pinged me and wanted me to come visit him. Of course, I wasn't really doing much so I decided to drop on over to his house. Sadly, it wasn't dark out so his house didn't have to cool lighting it usually has...

Next, he decided to suggest a public works project - the pyramid. Honestly, I don't really like any of these (iunno the word...) 'cultural'? public works projects, other than the moai, so I don't really plan on building any. They're still cool though.

And finally, Julian decided to sell me a neutral painting for ~7,000 bells. Of course, I bought it, but it turned out to be fake. Oh well, 7,000 bells isn't that much (and it could have been worse).

Anyone else find it weird how all these Julian related events happened around the wooden bridge area??? Conspiracy~~~

Unrelated News
Pls give me more campers and let Gracie visit. Thx!


  1. I can't believe no one commented on ur 100th post! So I am! Congrats! I'm on my 50th today! Whoa, Julian. I was gonna say he'll be tired after all that walking but if it was centred around the wood bridge, maybe not!


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