Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 101

Last Nights Caper

Day 101
(feels really weird typing three letters for the days lol).

I don't know guess I got Gracie on the brain, because as soon as I booted up the game, I ran straight to the town square hoping I'd find Gracie (or at least Redd/Katrina)... Nopeeeee *insert tumbleweed* the gloomy weather didn't help lighten the mood, either.

On the plus side though we had a camper in town, and even more on the plus side, they weren't a villager I didn't want living in Skyfall (since we're full). Gala is moving out tomorrow (or today since it's past midnight idk), then we can start getting some more villagers in town.

I wanted to play a game with Joey, but he didn't seem interested. I decided to spend some time walking around the village and then come back afterwards. Whilst walking around, I spoke to Frita who wanted me to deliver a gift to Bree. I accepted but I don't know what I got given in return because I forgot to take a picture so all I have is Frita asking me to deliver it, oops.

I also called up the fortune hotline in an attempt to get a fortune which would foreshadow Gracie's appearance, but nothing.

I then went back to the campsite to speak with Joey who played a game with me. Sadly, I failed miserably, only getting 1/3 correct, but it doesn't bother me that much (would be nice to win for once though lol). I got a sleek bed for a small discount.

I then went to visit Bree for some random reason, and she requested I find her a pillbug. Sadly I looked for a good 30 minutes, hitting rocks all over town, but nothing. Sorry, Bree!

Unrelated News
Yeah didn't play much because I accidentally bought a WiiU oops.


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