Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 102

Last Nights Caper
Mhhhmmm? Don't think so idno.

Day 102
Still doesn't feel right typing out three letters for the day LOL. Guess it's only the third time.. give it a week or so and it should feel more natural I hope!

Still no Gracie... Oh well, at least today we had Redd. But even his arrival wasn't that good, because he didn't have anything I needed. The only real painting he had was a common painting, which I'm 99% sure I already have. Oh well, I bought it anyway, guess I can give it to a friend who needs it.

Real - there is no fake

Fake - only one hand is on the hips in the real artwork

Fake - it has a vegetable for a nose

Fake - Mt. Fuji is too big

Today's fortune didn't make any sense (surprise surprise) and I didn't notice anything altered during gameplay so doubt it was too important.

September 24th meant Gala was officially leaving. Someone was meant to come and get her, but I never heard from them. I'll probably be up for another hour or two so if anyone wants her just drop me a message!

I also think Ricky was cheating on Bree. Either that or he's a womanizer? Regardless, he wanted me to deliver something to Frita as he was too shy...

And holla mah jesus Julian I love you!

I have been waiting 5eva for this! Thank you Julian *fangirls* I was gonna wait until tomorrow to build it, but I decided to do it right away, just so I can have it up tomorrow. I knew I was gonna build it on the western side of town, just had to decide where. I chose the classic police station.

Unrelated News
Got police station! brb whilst I run down the street naked singing 'forever young'. Cya!


  1. Don't forget to take pictures of that!

  2. Haha congrats on the Police Station! I seem to be doing the same thing with Gracie! Every morning now the first thing I do is run to the event plaza.

  3. XD I started acnl the day before you and I just got the the police station the other day, perfect town rating and a wooden bridge! What a coincidence!

  4. May I ask how come you could come up with the money so fast? I have been building my police station for 5 days now and just got it.


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