Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 103

Last Nights Caper
I had to wake up at like 7am and before I knew it, it was 2am and I cried b/coz 5 hours sleep?? nothx

Day 103
Gracie..... where are you??? I do hope I get her tomorrow, or at least sometime this week (tomorrow is Thursday though so that only leaves tomorrow and Friday...). Oh well. 

Well the police station was complete today, and as I chose the classic style, I got Booker, ughh, he's so adorbs I love him. Once I was reminded about it on the bulletin board I headed right on over the town hall to celebrate the completion of it!

As the police station was now open for business, I was hoping I'd walk into a room filled with sloppy furniture and tricky pitfall seeds - but who am I kidding. They just had three everyday items in the lost and found, and of course, I took them all.

Today's fortune held some hope for Gracie's arrival (but how many times have I said that and turned out to be wrong?) *crosses fingers*

And to end the day, Bree gave us a public works project suggestion (they seem to be rollin' in lately). This was just a streetlamp, not something I plan on building, but regardless, it's nice to have it unlocked.

Unrelated News
I have been awake 5eva and I am tired but will probs stay awake for another two hours oops. Cya!


  1. I've had the police station for months now, and I've only gotten one tricky pitfall seed. All the sloppy furniture I've gotten I've bought in animal's homes and re-tail.

  2. Wait a hold on a minute second. Is this posted in the future?

  3. Congrats on the police station. Crossing my fingers for Gracie. Good luck! Booker is cute, if a bit dumb sometimes xD

  4. is that blue unicorn called Julian because I have him/her


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