Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 104

Last Nights Caper

Day 104
(three figures is becoming more natural LOL).
Bree made quick work of her actions once again, suggesting another streetlight as soon as I started playing (either's she's tryna score points with Ricky or thinks Skyfall is dark).

Grace, Gracie, Gracie.................

I also had my first ex villager appear on main street - Rodeo! It was nice seeing him, first ex villager I've seen. It did make Gracie's no show more bearable.

The police station also came to good use, as it informed me Saharah was in town. I went to go find her (him? idk) and got some new interiors for my house!

But Saharah was being lazy, couldn't even get past the bushes... So we had to go the long way...

Anyway, Saharha gave me a palace tile and ivy wall - I don't think any are exclusives.

Also hoping my fortune foreshadows Gracie's appearance LOL I AM LOOKING TOO DEEP INTO THIS I NEED HELP.

Unrelated News
I left this 'til late and I'm tired hence the short post. oops. Cya!


  1. Saharah is male in jap, female in all the other regions, so you know :)

  2. Whenever Saharah is in my town, all the villagers are like "omg SHE is in town today omg I heard she's the best omg omg" and it gets kind of annoying. So yeah.

  3. I always waste my money on Saharah. She has only ever given me 1 exclusive! I thought the eyelashes would give the gender away :p


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