Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 105

Last Nights Caper

Day 105
Omg it didn't feel weird typing out three figures LOL we finally did it holla!!
Moe decided he would be leaving on October 2nd, as I mentioned when he first moved in, I didn't really care for him back, so I let him, so farewell, Moe. Not really feeling anything because I've barely talked to him, wish I could make an emotional heart drawn post but I just can't.

We also had another camper today, Bluebear. Now idno if it's because in Wild World Bluebear was cuter, or if I just got attached to the brand or what, but at first I was excited to see her, but once I saw her face (that sound really rude SORRY), I didn't want her in my town because she didn't look as cute. I was going to go back to speak with her to try play a game, but didn't get around to it.

Bree also asked me for some fruit, but I got nothing worthwhile in return (didn't even take a picture that's how little I cared). If you are interested though, it was a shirt of some sort.

No Gracie today, but at least I had Katrina. She did mention something about tripping, so I assumed I'd be tripping today. Though my lucky item was 'socks' which I always wear, so I guess that stopped me from tripping.

Also I noticed my town tree was bigger (was a little late, this would have grown on day 101). I did notice the green vines down the bottom, but I thought they were on the old tree so that's why I never noticed the difference. Anyway, it's getting pretty big so kind of hard to get a decent picture of it's new size, but here you go.

Unrelated News
Left this until late sorry. Cya!


  1. Well, exactly my thoughts about Bluebear.
    Do you have a clearer picture of her face? That would be great. But maybe it is better not to see her face that clear, for the sake of "good old memories".

    I considered her as really cute in Wild World, but now she looks so... bleary? Blurry Bluebear?
    However, not that cute anymore.

  2. I noticed that about Freckles too, she's just NOT AS CUTE, dare I say it, she was cuter in ww.
    I tt'd 40yrs in front, so I suppose I will miss the growth of my tree, xD


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