Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 107

Last Nights Caper
Idno nothing probs

Day 107

As I was patrolling the beach (looking for Gulliver and hybrids), I can across a lost item. I picked it up, and like any good mayor would, began searching for it's owner. It didn't belong to Bree nor Frita, it belonged to Chester. He rewarded me with a shirt.

Frita also wanted be to buy her popcorn machine, so I bought it off her, but plan on mailing it back to her ASAP.


Unrelated News
Yeah, sorry for the crappy post. Usually blogget autosaves every minute, but my laptop started spazzing out when I had almost finished this post and it didn't end up saving. And it's getting late and I wasn't in the mood to write it out again so I just got lazy, so sorry. Anyway, lappy now has a few issues like look at the task bar wtf

So gotta fix that LOL. Cya!


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