Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 80

Last Nights Caper

Day 80
Weegee!! Day 80 (I swear I have skipped a day but iduno). Wow in like just under two weeks, I've had New Leaf for three months, that's crazy. I remember back in February when we got the release date like WOAH.

Anyway, to celebrate our 80th day, Gracie was hanging around the plaza. I had been anxiously waiting all last week for her to show up, even though I subconsciously knew she wouldn't, so I was glad to see her in town today. I spoke to her, and she gave me the theme 'cute as a button' - cute clothes shouldn't be that hard to come by.

On my way to Main Street to check for cute clothing, I came across Katie, who had come from Murray's village. Though I didn't get to take her to anyone's town so looks like she won't be going anywhere.

I was happy when I entered the Able Sisters, they had the bear top in stock (one step closer to completing my 'Bidoof' costume)! However, I was even more happy when I found out it came in the cute style. So I could use the bear top and the bear cap I already had, two out of three items needed for my cute costume. The accessory corner had a pacifier and ribbon as cute style, and Kicks had some cute socks.

I just needed some cute pants and shoes and my outfit would be complete! I didn't have any cute pants so I had to go to my museum storage room where I have been hoarding shoes, and found some yellow rainboots which came under the cute style. I kept the sporty styled shorts on as the sporty style doesn't count as an instant fail when asked to dress cute.

It looks weird but I do think it looks really cute

Holla! Gracie loves my outfit, and even like how I tied the sporty style in (it's funny 'cause IRL I always wear sporty clothing, even though I don't like sport that much). So when Gracie said she loved the cute sporty style it just made me think how I kinda dress my character as I would dress myself (as I usually wear sporty clothing, even though I don't intentionally mean to). Since I had more cute items on that I did for whatever theme I had last week (modern? iconic? Wait it was flashy!), I got a piece of furniture instead of clothes, and I got a sweets closet. Two down, two to go!

I also came across a lost item on the beach (thought it was weird finding it on the beach), so obviously  I picked it up, and tracked down it's original owner. I asked Julian, and he seemed optimistic saying "it must belong to someone" - I then went into Rod's house and we had found the owner. He rewarded me with a shirt.

Cafe. I got the usual superb coffee beans. However, I got another brewstoid (I wasn't expecting this until tomorrow tbh). This one was a mini brewstoid, only one more left!

And as I was in my backroom, I decided to check the daily fortune service. The Able Sisters did actually have some iconic bottoms in stock today, but I was too lazy to go back and buy them. I didn't even understand what the fortune meant, so I don't think it would have made any difference to game play.

And now I share with you, Ricky's booty call, and one of the most original puns in the game.

Unrelated News
Salmon. Need. Give it. Now. I've been looking all day (ok not all day) for a king salmon and a salmon. Don't get me started. There was a huge fish shadow literally swimming into the waterfall (it's shadow kept disappearing because it kept going in the waterfall). I spent a good 5 minutes trying to line my rod up so I could reel it in. And what do I get. A dorado... THANKS.
Ok gonna try my salmon hunt (and maybe try for a mitten crab because I think they come out at night), so cya!
(oh and yes I am aware the poll has expired but I'm too lazy to think of another question, so if you know of one, just shoot me a message!)


  1. I've been looking for salmons al day yesterday and couldn't find one x_x. I'll have to look for a pike as well, but doesn't the mitten crab appear on the 15 of september ? That what my source says at least.

  2. Salmon and king salmon appear where the river meets the ocean. It should be at the bottom of that waterfall, not the waterfall where the river starts. I've never seen any other fish appear there, so it should be obvious when it appears.

  3. You should do a poll on how full everyone's bug encyclopedia is. Now that the new month is here, see how many people have gone all out to catch the new bugs!

    1. I got everything that came out this month, apart from the September 15th spawns, yesterday. Took ages to get pike and salmon.

    2. Mine is only missing 3 bugs, the mole cricket, dung beetle, and bagworm.

  4. Yeah I spent all day yesterday looking and finally found 1 salmon... still no king salmon though. I feel your pain.


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