Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 83

Last Nights Caper
If you guesses nothing then you get a pat on the back!

Day 83
Red was in town today, and I had a nice browse at his fine ware. No double legitimates in stock today, he did however, have another statue I've yet to receive, which was real, so that's what I bought.

Real - the fake one has longer hair

Fake - it has bat wings

Fake - she is holding a cat

Fake - the real one has a blue head dress

My fortune once again made no sense. Maybe it was trying to say there'd be a special visitor (Redd?), I'm not really sure...

At the cafe I got the regular superb coffee beans, and the final brewstoid! Not sure if I'll continue working there since all I'll get is coffee beans, and they take up space in Re-Tail... Guess I'll work there if I get bored in the future. And like most people, I did the unoriginal thing, and replaced the gyroids at club LOL with the brewstoids.

After having a discussion about the future of Ricky's residency in Skyfall - you know, Ricky is famous, but his plot for his house is the perfect spot the the campsite - a long two minutes into the discussion and I decided Ricky can be a permanent resident of Skyfall (along with Bree) and the two can live happily ever after (and if their love child of Hazel or Bella move in them we'll have the whole family). So Ricky and Bree join the spot or permanent residency along with Julian, Gala, and possibly Rosie (haven't made my mind up about her yet - even Gala is on the unsure list).

So with that settled, I decided what better way to celebrate than building the long awaited campsite (yay). I built it in the north western part of town, as I found it most fitting. Tomorrow we can finally hold the completion ceremony.

I removed the stumps and picked up the cherries

Other Things

I guess the garden gnome trade continues...

No - call me Diva B

Probably getting love advice about Ricky from big sis Shari

Are Moe and Rocket going to be the next 'thing' - too bad Rocket 
is leaving soon

Unrelated News
I've had a headache all day so really don't feel like typing here. Cya!


  1. I love buying the fake statues for my home. I have the beautiful statue with long hair and am hoping to get Nike with bat wings and fake David statue.

  2. I started a clever forgeries wing at the upstairs museum, mostly because I'd LOVE to see that in real life. Famous forgeries that people thought were real would be AWESOME!

  3. Wait. You can change those gyroids? I wasn't even aware you could get UP on the stage!

    1. I found out you could change them ages ago, and today I was trying to figure out how then I stepped onto the stage and WHOAH.

  4. I have Hazel and Bella in my town! If either of them move out, I'll let you know so you can have your little family :3


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