Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 84

Last Nights Caper
Again, feel like I did something but all I have is this.

I got dat booty

Day 84

oops I got dat booty again

So this is interesting. I know on the hour the modern clock flashes rainbow, then the zen style clock has something pop out. So when the house was near, I decided to hang by my fairy-tale clock to see what would happen - and a litle man playing the trumped popped out, moving from side to side. Thought it was cute and worth the share lol.


Ricky had fleas. Usually I would keep them on him, but since we're at a truce for now and we're bffs, I decided to clean him up so he'd look nice for Bree.

Since I was near the town hall, I decided to hold the completion ceremony for the definitely long awaited campsite, and guess who attended? Ricky and Bree (who cares if they were on opposite sides).

Afterwards, Moe pinged for my attention, and he wanted to buy Ricky's flea (doesn't he have better things to spend his money on?)... He wanted to buy it for a mere 70 bells, so I let him just for the sake of it. Bree was also watching the whole deal go down... Maybe she know's it was her man's flea and plans to steal it from Moe's house later?

My fortune told me nothing either. I honestly need to do research so I actually understand what they're trying to tell me lol.

I also donated my newly bought sculpture to the museum, which looks lovely in it's new placing. We're slowly filling up the artwork section...

I also got a mail poster in  the mail for saving up 10,000,000 bells! I really like it, I think it's pretty cute.

Feng Shui has always been something I've wanted to try in Animal Crossing since Wild World, but I never have because one, I don't understand it that well, and two, it doesn't make sense.
Like I know you chuck different colors at different ends of the room, but wont that look ugly? It just confuses me and I don' see the point of it. Anyway, Shari decided to tell me her feng shui rap.

Unrelated News
Headache again, so cya!


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