Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 85

Last Nights Caper
So 'last nights caper' can be split up into two sections -  'real life caper' and 'animal crossing caper' and first I will tell you about the real life caper because I need to tell someone just because.
So I was awake until 6:30am like seriously, what even. I couldn't sleep. The sun was rising so my room was so bright. I could hear the early morning birds outside singing away to the sunrise so I put in earplugs so I didn't need to hear them, I also but on one of those sleep/face masks to make it darker but I just couldn't sleep and it was really making me mad lol.

At around 4:30am I played AC for a short twenty or so minutes, in hopes it would help me get sleepy, nope. But anyway, I caught this coelacanth.

Day 85
So as you could probably assume from the prologue, I slept in today, so I didn't have a lot of time to play (slept in really late and then went out for a family dinner at night time so yer).

First of, we had out first camper in Skyfall. I kinda wanted it to be someone cute,  but nope, we had Limberg. It was funny, because the other day when I was thinking what the love child of Bree and Ricky would be (which I announced as Bella), I kinda thought Limberg would be the male love child, and Bella be the female love child, so I guess it was some nice karma there.

Regardless, even if it was a cute villager, they wouldn't be able to move in, because Skyfall was soon to welcome their newest resident - Frita. I believe she is the hamburger sheep (seriously, first the unicorn, now the hamburger sheep - how many novelty villagers you throwing at me Ninty??). Officially, Skyfall now has 10 housing plots set up. However, as Rocket was in boxes today ready to leave, tomorrow (well I guess today since it's past midnight), we will be back down to nine.

And continuing on from the above slab, Rocket was moving out. I did offer her on TBT, but no one wanted her. If I remember correctly, doesn't the next day officially start at 6am? It's 12:46am right now (when I finish this post it'll probably be 1am), and I'll be up until around 3am, so if anyone wants her, just drop me a message and you can come over and take her. Remember... she was Sporty Spice in An Animal Crossing Adventure!

The fortune? Maybe the 'new acquaintance  is Limberg or the soon to be arrival of Frita? I'm not sure, maybe I just try to find a way to make these fortunes make sense lol.

I was also playing in the night time, so decided to drop off and visit K.K. Slider to end the day.

Unrelated News
I actually forgot about this and went ahead and posted it so if you're a hardcore fan of this blog then you're going to see the missing section, but if you're not, then you missed out on a novelty.

Anyway, again, not sure what to put here so cya!


  1. Sounds like you had an interesting day!

  2. You're correct. The next day doesn't officially start until 6 AM.

  3. It's ironic that I just got rocket in my town...........


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