Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 87

Last Nights Caper
I played at about 1am because I couldn't sleep. But I just went on the check if any of my friends were online. None were so I put the game down once I logged on.

Day 87

Day 87, and Gracie was in town. This was her third visit, so if I passed, just one more left, and if I passed that, I'd have the T&T Emporium! I was eager to find out what her theme was going to be, and I was over the moon when she told me it was sporty (I literally fist pumped LOL).

Luckily for me, under my wetsuit, my whole outfit was sporty, except for my shoes and glasses. I simply went to my shoe storage in the museum and pulled out some hiking boots. With my new sporty look (along with my iconic glasses), I went and spoke with Gracie, who loved my outfit, and gave me another piece of sweets furniture for passing.

Afterwards, Bree told me a sad story about how incompetent she was about catching river fish. I decided to catch her one and went out and caught her a black bass, can't remember what she gave me oops.

And then the storm hit, once again...

Well ok, maybe the storm didn't hit right away... It started raining slowly and then the storm came about an hour later (just included the stormy pic because I could). So in this rainy weather, I decided to test the loyalty of Skyfall's residents and hold the completion ceremony of the fire pit, and as usual, both Ricky and Bree attended, along with out newest resident, Frita.

Also, I probably should have shown this yesterday, but oops. Not that interesting though, just that the leaves on the town tree changed color.

ft. Gracie

Today's fortune also made sense, but only because it was self explanitory...

ft.Gracie again

Rosie also decided to make the storm more bearable, by suggesting a new public works project, the round streetlight. At first I got mad because I thought it was a street sign, but then realized it said streetlamp, thank god. Idk, I might remove the two streetlamps out front of the fountain and replace them with the round ones, not too sure yet..

I also started making my house look nicer (though my town video has already been filmed, but maybe they'll film another one doubt but oh well - you can always visit through the dream suite). I'm not going to show what it looks like yet, still under construcution, but I got decided to do up the stained-glass window with one of the custom Disney patterns (I linked because no doubt I'm gonna get asked about it one day). I decided to use Stitch because he is my favorite.

Additionally, I decided to add some extra room in my house, just so I could fit some more items in the backroom. So I paid off my mortgage, and expanded it accordingly.

To end off the day, Shari and Rod both had chores they wanted me to complete. Rod wanted me to deliver a gift to Julian, and Shari wanted a new piece of furniture.

Unrelated News
Again, sick, tired, headache, lazy, and for some reason it seems to be an hour later than usual so idk what's going on there, cya!


  1. I love the stitch shadow in the stained glass window, how did you do that? If you have a pattern please,can you share it. Also you seemed to be very great at making designs, if you take any request can you please consider making a tinker bell or any disney fairy qc codes. I would really appreciate it.


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