Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 88

Last Nights Caper

Day 88
Gulliver was washed ashore today. It's been a while since I last saw him, so I was pretty happy to see his cute little figure passed out on he shores. I spoke to him a few times, until he woke up - I did consider using he megaphone, bu I also wonder if hitting him with a hammer does the same job? Maybe I'll try that next time.

As usual, he asks me a number of questions in order to help determine which country he had come from (or was heading to I really don't know what Gulliver does other than make up lies oops). It really wasn't that hard to figure out where he was from.

My options were;
- Japan
- India
- Vietnam
- Thailand

Of course, I knew it was India, and that's what I chose. I should get my reward in the mail tomorrow - but since I have been ordering a lot of furniture since I am re-doing my house, who knows when it'll arrive.

Gala also wanted some perfect fruit. I don't actually believe I've ever given a villager a piece of perfect fruit before (maybe only one time), but since I don't mind Gala that much, I decided I would take her up on her request, and went to fetch her a perfect cherry. She rewarded me with a lovely vanity.

Fortune today also didn't make sense, but is that really a surprise... I was actually hoping for Katrina today but I got Gulliver instead, not really complaining though.

As you can also see from the above photo, my back room had been expanded. It wasn't too long until I went back to Nooks Homes to further expand the size of the backroom - I'm trying to recreate my main room from City Folk.

The storm also hit, yet again. However, this time it lasted no where near as long as it usually does, and was gone within the hour.

A friend also came over and delivered me the parts of the bear costume that I was missing (I only needed the pants). Now I can live in all my Bidoof glory!

River fish seem to be all the rage in Skyfall at the moment, because this time Rosie wanted me to catch her one. I headed on over to the river and caught the first fish I saw, a piranha. I handed it over to her and she gave me a wide-screen TV.

Frita also seemed to be in some intense thinking trance... Really don't know what was going on with her... Maybe she was trying to make her mind up as to whether Rosie was an elite arm wrestler or an elite badminton player...

I decided to go visit Moe, as now I'm starting to talk to my villagers more often, in an attempt to get their pictures, and he seemed to be having a bromance going on with Rod, and wanted me to return his item to him. I did and Rod gave me a a t-shirt which I sold.

Then Julian and Ricky decided to be the social butterflies... Julian invited me over to his place, and then a few minutes after visiting Julian, Ricky asked if he could visit my house. Of course, I kindly accepted both offers. Julian was also kind enough to let me buy one of his items. Of course, I wanted to buy the fossil up the back so I could free up the space in his home and get his regal set back on track. He wasn't selling, so I bought the next biggest thing, the common bed.

Ricky also wanted to spend some more time with me (I guess he's really taking this "we're now bffs so you're a permanent resident of Skyfall" thing seriously, or he's just out to impress Bree. Either way, he decided to take me up for a game of hide-and-seek, which of course, I won... but I was given a garbage pail as a reward...

I guess the fact that I am redesigning my house really pulled off, because I got yet another gift from the HHA in the mail, a golden trophy for racking up 100,000 points. Next up is the golden house model/lamp, and then I can start trying to snag the golden exteriors.

And man oh man, Ricky was on a role today (#YouGoRicky - lets get is trending), he also suggested a public works project. Even though it was just a caution sign (I really hate the street signs), this was the last one I needed to be suggested, so no more street signs for me.

Other Things
Ricky is also taking this bff's thing seriously... He noticed my bear cap and now wants me to dress up as a squirrel...

Julian also sold me a fake painting for a large sum or 7,000 bells. He's a con artist I swear (wouldn't be surprised if I one day found out he works for Redd)!

The white and black clothed people should be on opposite sides

Frita also wanted to start calling me Diva B on what, her third day in town? Ain't it a little soon for that? Oh well, I decided to let her call me that anyway..

Rod and I were also trying to show each other whose boss of this town.

Unrelated News
You know what I'm going to say, so yeah. Anyway, I think I did a reasonably long blog post today (it took over 30 minutes, which was how long it took when I first started blogging), so I hope ya'll happy about that, but anyway, cya!


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