Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 89

Last Nights Caper

Day 89

Gulliver gave me my reward today, I got a sitar. As you can probably tell, you can see that I expanded my back room. I am working on it right now, but it's not finished so I wont show the finished product yet!

Of course, whilst I was there, I decided to call up and get my fortune - now the lovely phone resides in my basement.

Rod also told me he wanted to move today. Now honestly, I really don't like Rod that much, but I would like him to stay a little longer in Skyfall. So I told him to stay. Maybe I'll have him leave in December.

Phineas was also in town today, in fact, he came twice! Once in the morning, and once in the night. I'm just going to put both badge sets here instead of coming back to it. I got a bunch of new badges, too!

I guess Shari got word about Julian selling me  fake amazing painting, so she decided to sell me one. And amazingly, it turned out to be real! Another one for the collection!

Not sure if I ever made a formal blog post about this, but I have mentioned it a few times. Anyway, since Ricky is now a permanent citizen of Skyfall, I decided to check out his house, and it looked horrible. He had put so many of his items up at Re-Tail and sold them... So I had to send him some items to fix it. I sent him the cabin bed and record player (so at least he has music now). It's coming across nicely.

Unrelated News#lazy lol. Cya!


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