Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 90

Last Nights Caper

Day 90
Omg day 90, can you believe it. I can't (actually I can LOL). Anyway, let's get started.

So Ricky was home again, I decided to drop by just to see how his house was going along, I had mailed him a vintage radio and he mailed me back a checkered tile, but he hadn't put it in his house yet... Moe was also over so not sure what's going on there, never seen the two interact ever.

Skyfall would also soon be welcoming it's 10th resident tomorrow, Chester. Maybe I should have let Rod move out yesterday, I don't want a camper who I want in Skyfall to come then not have room for them. Oh well, I'm really not all that hung up on villagers so hopefully it wont be a problem.

Today's fortune also made sense, on the rare occasion it does. Only because I read the bulliten board before hand...

Katie was also in town today, but let's be real, it wouldn't be a real day in Skyfall without a little rain... It stormed down right as I took Katie to Gandalf's town, which seemed to continue when I came back to Skyfall...

Bree then also wanted to play a nice wet game of hide and seek in the rain. Why? Who knows... Bree's full of crazy ideas, but I decided to take her up on the idea (original idea hiding behind your own house too, Bree). I managed to find all three villagers within the time limit and scored myself a neat Kiddie Dresser. The rain also seems to have stopped halfway through the game, which I didn't notice until now...

Finally to end the day, Frita wanted me to give her some fruit. At first I gave her a basket of cherries ('cause I already had them on me), but she told me she couldn't take that many... rude. So I took one cherry out and gave it to her. She rewarded me with a shirt.

Unrelated News
You know the drill. Maybe I reach 100 days or when I start feeling better I'll put more stuff here, but until then, cya!


  1. i love playing hide n seek

  2. Hi.
    I'm a fellow blogger btw (
    I haven't read your blog before, but have used your QR codes etc. Chester has just moved out of my town. He's sweet.
    Great blog!
    Beth :D


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