Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 91

Last Nights Caper

Day 91

A lot but not much happened today (does that make sense?? idk yolo), but I just want to try get this out as quick as possible 'cause I want to watch a movie tonight so here goes.

Katie sent me her picture in the mail as thanks to taking her to another town. Would have liked something else, but all I really remember that she gives you and that I wanted was the world map, which I already got.

Chester also moved in today. He was from another persons town. Idk he is kinda cute, but I don't know if I'm willing to keep him around forever, though... His house placement really isn't that bad, so I want to keep him so I have one less chance of someone putting their house in an inconvenient spot. Oh well, he only he only just moved in, got a while to figure that out.

Saharah was also in town today. She did the usual - 3,000 bells for a new wall paper and flooring. I paid her and she came over to put it up in my house. I got the sky wall and a maze floor.

The fortune was also the same as yesterdays, though there wasn't a sale on, so idk!!

And finally, Frita also wanted some more fruit... What is wrong with her, she just hungry or...?

Firta also seems to think she knows Cat from La Lune village, even though the last time Cat visited Frita wasn't even living in town...

Unrelated News
Soz, movie time. Cya!


  1. Ha! You should see frita's house! She's got the buffets and everything!

  2. what item is in front of the cream and suger?


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