Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 93: Residents Gone Crazy

Last Nights Caper
Don't know, don't remember oops.

Day 93
Today was a mixed bag - all the residents were being crazy, I understood the fortune, I did some good landscaping on the southern part of town. But the residents... Why they be so cray cray?

Today's fortune only made sense because of the notice on the bulletin board saying the Nookling's would be having a sale at 4pm.

Then my residents went crazy... It was like the fortune had said something else...

First off was Rod. He wasn't that crazy, but his friendship with Frita was... Rod had a shirt that he borrowed from Frita (what Rod, why would you borrow Frita's shirt?). Then when I gave it back to her she hoped it wasn't sweaty... LIKE YOU MEAN HE WORE IT!!?

Then Shari seemed to act as if she knew all the goss as if she was Gala.. Gurl you so wrong. Chester has only been in town for like two days, how can him and Rod be bffs???

Then Rosie invited herself over... She also has adopted Gala's phrase of 'spoink' (what, does she think she'd a pig).

Then Ricky wanted to move... Like really, the day after your birthday... WAS IT REALLY THAT BAD. Man Ricky I love you to bits but that was a lil rude buddy... Regardless, I told him to stay.

Oh but just wait, Julian gets the award for biggest crazy 2013! So there I was, going through my drawers, putting some fruit away as I had been busy making my town look more appealing. I close my drawers, and in comes Julian. Of course I'm fine, I don't have  problem with Julian coming over so I let him in.

So off he goes. I leave my house, walk a few steps north, and there's Julian. Of course, I walk right past him, and he pings... What does he want? To visit my house right now when he was seriously there no more than a minute ago... 

Current sane villagers of Skyfall: Gala, Moe, Bree, Chester.

I hoped that building a public works project would make the villagers more happy, and decided to build the metal bench. That should be completed by tomorrow, and then hopefully my villagers will be more sane.

Unrelated News
Herp derp what is wrong with my town? Bye.


  1. all the animals in my town think their cats, all of them say 'nya' its so odd, especially when the brids say it, haha.

  2. My smug villager, Rodney, was also as crazy as Julian the other day. First he ask to visit my house, then he invited me over to his house about an hour later! Later at night, he wants me to dig up his time capsule.

    He did send me his picture in the mail the next day though, maybe something similar will happen to you?


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