Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 95

Last Nights Caper

Day 95

Ricky, Ricky, Ricky... What are we going to do with you... You can't keep putting your most prized possessions up for sale in Re-Tail! You need them to ensure your house remains perfect. Don't worry, I bought it and sent it back to you in the mail. Enjoy xo.

Fortunes, no such luck. Got one I already had (the one when I was looking for salmon and I got them). I do plan on looking for the three creatures I'm missing after this post, though (the crab, lobster and something else). Hopefully the fortune gives me luck like it did with the salmon.

Not really that important, but I'm gonna include it anyway. My path doesn't connect and just ends right near my house after the bridge. If I try connect the path it just thins out and looks ugly. I always wanted to plant some bushes there, but for some reason I never did because you know, doesn't look like they'd grow there. Though, surprisingly  they did! Now maybe I can stop taking the shortcut and go the long way. Idk.

Frita also invited herself over, though nothing too interesting happened.

Rosie was also sick (hadn't seen her walking around for a while). So I bought her some medicine. She should be better in three days (like Julian was), but knowing me I'll probably forget a day... Oh well, at least I'm trying, give me some credit here!

Julian also wanted me to find him a 'long thin' piece of furniture. Luckily, I had the regal sofa attached to a letter I planned on mailing to him, in which I was too lazy and hadn't gotten around to sending. Instead, I removed the present and handed him over the sofa, and he loved it! He even put it in his house right way (and exactly where I wanted it to go, too). I also took the star globe from my upstairs and attached that to Julian's letter and sent it (along with Ricky's). Hopefully he'll get rid of one of those bugs on the table and put the globe in it's place.


I mailed him this wall lamp a few days ago. I don't 
know if it's the time of day, but the lighting in Julian's 
house is really pretty.

And finally, in the evening, Phineas was around town, and gave me a silver badge for helping my villagers.

Unrelated News
I'm actually surprised at how length I got this post to be, nothing too exciting happened today so it was nice seeing how much I managed to stretch it out.
Now I gotta go play and try catch these marine life, wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I always get to lazy to post stuff to :P


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