Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 96

Last Nights Caper
I did just wanna hit the ocean and start trying to get what I was after, but Gala pinged and wanted me to give something to Julian. Of course, I thought it'd be worthwhile in the end, but nope. I just got a measly pear.

Of course, diving for two sea creature, I was sure to come across a scallop, and there appeared Pascal who asked for one (I had like 5 so why now). He gave me some 'wisdom' and then swam off. He gave me a keg.

And thankfully, I manged to catch all three species I was looking for (thank you fortune?).

Day 96
I guess catching those two deep sea lurkers last night was enough to want to make Phineas and give me a diving related badge. Afterwards I looked at my badge collection, it's pretty empty. Probably because I'm not going out of my way to unlock new badges. Maybe I should start looking at the requirements and try unlock a few more?

There was also an announcement on the bulletin board that the autumn moon was happening tomorrow (was hoping for Gracie, guess I'll have to hope Friday). It also said it'd be 'sunny all day' so I'm guessing it'll be like the summer solstice and be sunny at night time? I dunno.

In stead of having Gracie appear like I had hoped, Redd decided to put his tent up. Luckily he had an artwork I had yet to obtain, and to my joy it was  a sculpture!

Fake - in the real painting the head is looking behind

Real - the fake is holding a UFO

Fake - mt. fuji is smaller in the legit artwork

Fake - the real one has a flattened head

I also went to check on Julian to see if he had put his star globe in place of one of the bugs, and he had (praise). Now I need to find something else to replace the other bug... Frite also put her ice cream lamp up for sale in Re-Tail - I bought it and sent it back to her (I don't know why though, I've only seen the inside of her house once).

Rosie was sick again, but I remembered to give her her medicine. I believe just need to give it to her tomorrow, and then she'll be bright and healthy for the bug off this coming Saturday.

Maybe because Rosie is sick???

Unrelated News
I left this really late, it's pretty much midnight and I have school in the morning oops (so if this post seems rushed/short you know why).


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