Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 98: Residents Gone Crazy 2.0?

Last Nights Caper
Not that I recall?

Actually, it's not really "last nights caper" - but I forgot to include it in yesterdays post because the images were hiding t the very end and I didn't see them until today, but I gave Rosie her medicine.

Also, even though I took this during today's gameplay, I might as well include the picture of the Statue Fountain which Bree requested.

Day 98

It feels really weird being on day 98... It doesn't seem like that long ago I started blogging. Guess time flies when you're having fun?? idk.

Anyway, no Gracie in town today (guess I'm going to have to wait until next week for the T&T Emporium , instead, I had Katrina. I offered a few of my friends if they wanted to come get their fortune told but none of them replied. I didn't bother calling up the fortune service as I've done it before and the fortune is the same (well at least the good luck item is). As I usually do, Katrina gave me a good fortune of love...

I guess this is where my residents have gone crazy, but at least this time it's a good kind of crazy (for some). Firstly Bree wanted to buy my wooden box for a mere 30 bells... which of course I said no to, and Ricky was sleeping in his house (though it was kinda early so I forgive him).

But after that I guess my luck began to change. Once Ricky was walking around outside, I noticed he had a flea on him. Of course, being the kind mayor I am, I removed it off him. And then what happened? Rosie pinged me (let me add she still thinks she's a pig as she's saying spoink) and noticed I had a flea (still wanting to know how villagers can look into our pockets), and offered me a gold screen wall for it. Thanks!

Then Julian pinged and wanted me to have a petition signed "Animals Are People Too". Since Bree's "Make Cheese Mandatory" petition never got to see the light of day, I asked around to see if anyone would let me come visit them to get my petition signed, and thankfully I did!

I then went to another village and got six signatures. Weirdly enough, this town had their own Julian, too...

I returned back to Skyfall to give Julian his petition, and he rewarded me with a regal chair. I was going to mail it back to him, as his house uses the regal theme, but Bree pinged wanting to trade it, and as her house theme is regal too, I decided to go ahead with it.

Autumn Moon 2.0
Whilst in the village to gather signatures, the autumn moon was going on in their town (which was an American town). Since I was there, I decided to talk to Isabelle to get the wheat bundle.

I also managed to visit a Korean town with the event going on (don't ask me how 'cause I don't even know). The Korean event (called Cheseok) was much nicer, imo. The photoboard was different, plus Isabelle talked about the moon differently. I guess the Korean event just has more importance. I got given some songpyeon. Don't have a pic, so maybe I'll show one tomorrow, idno.

Didn't managed to get my hands on a Japanense town holding the event, so creys. But I guess 3/4 isn't that bad. We can always wait until next year - or hope that someone missed the event and time travels back to celebrate it, and I get word of the event going on.

Unrelated News
Iunno if I graduated today or not because I was so sick this morning I didn't even attend my own graduation oops. So... (no happy cya! today because I m confused about my place in the world) *creys 5eva*


  1. I once found 4 villagers asleep in their houses at the same time. I forgive them too though, it was pretty early. :p


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