Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 99: The Final Bug Off

Last Nights Caper
I went on, not sure why, but had a letter in the mail. It was from Rocket, asking me to dig up the time capsule I asked her to bury. I dug it up and it contained a dazed tee.

Day 99

I'll admit it, never really cared for the bug off. I mean, yeah, at first it was pretty cool, bug furniture and all that. But none of it's really that nice (I only like the wall clock and the sofa). I didn't end up entering so won nothing. Though at 10 minutes 'til the end, I managed to catch a random bug which scored me third place, it was a walking leaf worth 56 points. First place was Ricky, who had a tiger beetle worth 75 points!

It soon hit 6pm and the bug off ended. As I was making my way the the bug off tent, Ricky pinged me and suggested we build a wooden bridge. Sadly, as it was the bug off, couldn't visit Isabelle and get a picture of it (seriously, what's with my residents requesting PWP's on event days...).

I then headed over to the tent, ready for the awards ceremony.

As for my fortune...

Unrelated News
Yeah, as you can tell didn't really get up to a lot today (most of it was online play). So here's a cute picture I took. Cya!


  1. Aw that's a really cute pic there! Congrats on being 3rd in the bug-off!:D


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