Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 108

Last Nights Caper

Day 108
We had another camper in Skyfall today (another bear, too LOL). I didn't really like Teddy so I didn't ask him to move in, I also didn't end up going back to speak with him to play some games. I shall look forward to the day when Skyfall has their first camper move in as a villager, when that happens, I don't know.

Today's fortune didn't hold much, but I guess the previous fortune held up because we finally got Gracie!

So yeah, we had Gracie. It actually took me a while to notice her, like the campsite is right next to the town tree, and when I went there I didn't even notice her LOL. Booker didn't even seem to know she was in town either, he just told me that there was someone in the campsite (great security you are, young fellow).

Gracie gave me the theme of 'official' I knew that I could maybe rustle up a few pieces of official clothing. The Able Sisters had some official pants, and Kick's had some officla shoes (I also saw Rodeo in the Nooklings store again, too). I then went to my museum storage to get some official socks, and found the cafe uniform in my drawers which is official style.

Chester also asked me to visit him, I chose to visit him at 2pm, but I forgot, as I always do. Is it really that hard to say 'heyyo, come visit RIGHT NOW'? As you can probably tell my style looks a little dorky, so I just threw on my bear cap and silver frames when I went to speak with Gracie.

Although Gracie didn't like the fact I had about three styles (official, cute and whatever the glasses were), she wasn't too impressed, but she was happy enough to open her boutique, so I should be getting that in the coming days, SO EXCITED!!

Unrelated News
Need to stop leaving these until late oops. Cya!


  1. Congrats on finally getting Gracie, and passing her check :D

  2. Finally getting gracie's! gratz

  3. Nice job getting Gracie. :3 I still have 2 more checks to go, and I had failed to realize that all of my villagers can go on one day, lol. -_-

    Well, there's always next time....

  4. Congrats. Gracie was in my town today. 1 more check to go.
    If you have more than 1 villager talk to Gracie, she leaves after she completes her fashion check. Gracie will give different themes to the different villagers but only 1 pass per visit. She always gives my mayor hard themes (historic, iconic) and the villager easy themes (sporty, basic).


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