Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 110

Last Nights Caper

Day 110

Woohoo meteor shower tonight! We haven't had one for a while and considering they look really nice it was lovely to know we were going to have one tonight - I think out last one was in July??

Booker also had a nice tricky pitall in the lost and found. Not quiet sure on what I'm going to do with it (like yea duh ofc I'm going to bury it but I mean its cute idk). I took it, and whilst I was there I asked if there were any special visitors in town, there weren't.

Moe was also leaving today. I'd like to say he will be missed, but he really wasn't in town for that long, and I barely spoke with him, so cya buddy.

The T.I.Y also had the blue tarp over, so looks like I'll be getting the Emporium tomorrow (is that what it's called - or is it T&T Emporium idk). The Able Sisters also had a spooky skeleton mask in stock today.

Fortunes just seem boring now because I don't get to make stuff out about how it means Gracie will be appearing in my town LOL.

And then we had out meteor shower (should get a gift in the mail tomorrow), and Frita for idiot is confirmed.


  1. Oh wow, T&T Emporium, emporium, doesn't that sound posh!


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