Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 111

Last Nights Caper
I forget I did defs play, but it was just to have someone come over and adopt Moe. Nothing terribly exciting.

Day 111
As I suspected from last nights meteor shower, Wishy the star had sent me a present in the mail, which was a  spotlight item - the zero lamp (I actually rather like it, I like all the number lamps).

And obviously, if you have been following for the last couple of days, you'd know that today is the day I get the T&T Emporium (now all I need is Katrina to open up her shop *waits 2489439 years*). I've only been to the T&T Emporium a few times in my friends towns, but walking into my own was really weird, it only seems like a week or so ago we had the small Nooklings Junction...

I'll be honest, personally I think the T&T Emporium is way too big. Like don't get me wrong, it's great to have a store that's this big - but it's only a small town.. Like I get that it's in Main Street, but Main Street really isn't that big considering, and the fact you have this uber big shopping district smack bang on the street - just seems out of place. Regardless, I do think it's pretty neat. Anyway. Leif had some fertilizer in stock (no more begging for friends to give me some), and the Halloween item was a spooky chair.

Gracie was also a little diva when I wanted to try on some of her shoes...

Oh yeah, whilst I'm on Main Street there wasn't a different Halloween mask in stock at the Able Sisters, just the already gotten ghost mask.

No special visitors in town today. My lord, it's so much easier with the police station in town, no more running aimlessly around town to see if any special visitors have shown up (then being paranoid that they're hiding when you can't find someone), simply just go to the police station and ask there. Genius!

And as I mentioned in the last nights caper section, Moe was gone. There was a nice naked patch where his use once used to be. But considering that was around where Mac's house was, and Moe soon moved in after his departure, I'm fairly sure sometime in the near future we'll have another resident planting their house in the same southern area.

Fortune, nothing interesting, lets just skip past that for the time being.

Julian, or also as he's more commonly known as, the majestical unicorn of Skyfall, decided to suggest a public works project today - a cube sculpture! I'll probably build this one day, when, who knows, we all know how lazy I am LOL. But like usual, it's a nice addition to have.

A few minutes later, Julian pinged again (actually he pinged about 6 times today, but the rest were useless), this time, he was asking for a piece of furniture to replace his regal sofa. Now like I've said, Julian's house should be regal themed, so I didn't really want him getting rid of his sofa. So I hoped Nintendo got lazy when programming the game and wouldn't notice if I replaced his regal sofa with a regal sofa, but nope, Julian was too smart and caught on...

Greta was also spotted on Main Street, alongside Rodeo earlier on today. It's nice to finally see my ex residents pop up in Main Street every now and then.

Unrelated News
Lappy overheated so now I have to use my PC, and if any of you remember back when I first started blogging and lappy died then, you'd know how much I hate PC's so YER. Cya!


  1. Oh wow, T&T emporium. OMG, when I get mine it's gonna be amazing, as I have never been in a friends one, not yet anyway. I know what you mean though, big shop-small town, right? Congrats!

  2. Aww snap I so wanna come to a TnT emporium now


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