Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 112

Last Nights Caper
I creyed without lappy and played some classic PSP (spyro, ratchet and clank omfg so nostalgic).

Day 112
Again, it was another no show of special visitors in Skyfall - no Saharah, Gulliver (legit hasn't shown up for like 2 weeks), Redd or Katrina. At least we have Booker keeping an eye out for visitors making life a hell of a lot easier!

Halloween items were a miss. The Nooklings just had the spooky clock (not really a fan of the spooky series, which I think I've mentioned before, I do like the wall pumpkin though and oops I've been forgetting to check wallpaper and flooring LOL), and the Able Sisters just had the bug mask in stock again.

Fortune didn't make a lot of sense, either. I'm guessing it's saying something about my ex residents will start showing up more (because Greta was in GracieGrace). I do hope more than just Greta and Rodeo show up, it'd be nice to see Moe and Mac again, even Gala, too.

Unrelated News
Yeah not a lot happened today, I had a lot of family drama going on (aunt gone to hospital), and I also recently had family down who I haven't seen for a few years, and they left today, so didn't really have a lot of time to play. Additionally, about 30 minutes ago somehow I cut the inside of my nose open, and it's been bleeding ever since, and I legit have a tissue taped inside my nose but it's still bleeding and I can now taste the blood at the top of my mouth. Eww. Today was not a good day. Cya! (let's hope tomorrow is better).


  1. i haven't been getting any visitors for the last few weeks either, except for gracie but she's already set up shop now

  2. In the first seven days of October Jack walks around looking for you. So thats why Redd and Katrina etc aren't around. Even if you already talked to him. So just wait intill the 8th and your visitors should be continously coming likemthey where before. Hope this helped =)

  3. The way the ex-villager showup thing works is that, when one villager moves out, the next one shows up on Main Street. I think it was Mac (am I correct?) who moved out after Greta, but I'm not sure, so next time someone moves out, if I'm right, Mac will show up on main street! Also, check out my blog please, since you inspired me at: Thanks and hope this helped!

  4. Also, how did you make the blog logo?

  5. Hi! You still made a great post, despite all the family stuff :D
    Hope your aunt is okay, and your nose has stopped bleeding now! Also, that today is better :D


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