Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 113

Last Nights Caper

Day 113
Today was much more eventful than yesterday (thankfully). I got time to sit down and play, relax and just take things slot (exactly what I needed).
I went to speak with Booker to see which special visitors we had in town today, and he told me we had a camper. I walked up to the campsite and entered, to see that I had Cole!

I really loves Cole when I first saw him in one of the Japanese directs, but the buck teeth just kill the look for me. I ummed and ahhed about asking him to move in, but after a while I decided not to. I also planned to go back again and play some games, but of course, I forgot.

I also got a total of three Halloween related items today. The Nooklings had the spooky sofa, and today I also checked the flooring and wallpaper, to find they also had a spooky wall! The Able Sisters had a werewolf hood, too!

Shari also had a very interesting conversation with me, about song lyrics...

My fortune also mentioned Joan... Maybe it's foreshadowing good turnip prices next week, since Skyfall always has crappy prices - I believe the highest was around the 185 mark... Regardless, I don't think I'll be buying any tomorrow. For one, I doubt I'll play before noon, and secondly, I don't really need bells at the moment. Maybe, on the off chance, if I do play before noon, and her prices are like 90-93 bells, I'll buy a couple...

I also decided to play in the nighttime, and remembered it being Saturday night, so I could go see K.K. Slider perform, and that's what I did.

Unrelated News
Yeah, I did play a bit today, but nothing too exciting happened. Anyway, I'm still tired from yesterday, so I'm off. Cya!


  1. Glad your day was better today! Nothing is better than a good dose of relaxing with acnl :D x

  2. I would love if you brought back the section where you update your dream town because many of us would love to see your town since its been a long time since you updated it :)

  3. I got that fortune last week too! As it turns out, Reese was buying turnips for 401 that Friday! It could be just a coincidence though.


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