Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 114

Last Nights Caper

Day 114
Julian seemed interested in buying my spooky sofa. Sadly I don't think it'll match the inside of his house, so I declined his offer. Thankfully he didn't get too upset about it.

North of Julian, there was a new housing plot. They did put their house in the middle of some orange pansies (I think? I'm not too sure since I moved them and placed them randomly and so they may have or may have not), I don't mind though, I had to many and was looking to get rid of a few LOL. Anyway, the plot was for Melba, who I'm pretty sure is a koala. I don't really like her, but it'd be nice having a koala in town!

The Nooklings also had another spooky sofa in stock (they're doing a Redd, repeating their items I swear), but they also had a spooky carpet, so now I can stop looking at the carpets and flooring LOL. I don't think I checked the Able Sisters, because I don't have a pic, oops. Either that, or it was an item I already had,

Shari finally gave in and said she'd me moving out of town on the 11th! I've been waiting for a while for Shari to move (I don't know why, she just seriously annoys me, even just looking at her sends me over the edge). I know it sounds rude, but I'm fairly happy that Shari is leaving.

Also, today's fortune wasn't that great, this one really didn't make sense

Unrelated News
That's it for now. Stay tuned for some big news tomorrow!


  1. I'm having the same problem. The Nooklings keep selling either the spooky clock or spooky bookcase, and Labelle has been selling the skeleton hood for the past 4 days. -_-

  2. Don't worry bidoof, teriyakibroth, they have the whole month, and less than 30 items to sell, so they have to repeat some a few times! :D


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