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I posted this on Tumblr, and I assumed that the majority, if not all of my blogger viewers ready my Tumblr, which explained why I wont be blogging for a while. That said, I've gotten about ten messages asking why I haven't been blogging lately- if I've stopped, or if I'm okay. Anyway, your concern is sweet - and I was going to post this here when I put it on Tumblr, but for some reason I didn't, so here you go.

This is probably going to get really long (because by now you guys should know how much I like to ramble). So if you’re not a heavy reader and don’t want to read the length of this post, I’ll put a “TL;DR’ thing at the bottom and you can just read that.
So anyway, I know the majority (if not all) of you are going to be disappointed by that big mystery post from yesterday. I’m guessing a lot of people thought there would be some big announcement, since I got some asks asking if I was going to start making videos, or making my own website dissociated from tumblr. But sadly no, this isn’t the case.
If you know me personally, which is only like 0.01% of you (in fact, probably less), you’d know that I’ve had a lot of health issues going on for the past three/four months (please don’t ask me because I really can’t be bothered going into it for like the 18953958924th time, but don’t worry, it isn’t any major!), and that I have exams coming up next week. So because of this I’m going to take a break from blogging.
Now, this wasn’t a decision I wanted to make, in all honesty, I wanted to blog every day through my exams. But just before yesterdays blog post I had a miniature break down and realized it’s just not possible. Now the reason I made the question mark post, implying there would be some sort of announcement today, was because I knew if I didn’t announce it, then I would continue blogging (because I’m stubborn like that) - I was going to post this yesterday, but it was day 114, and I wanted to end on a much more set day like 115. So I knew that by making the mysterious post, most of you would want to know what it meant, and then I’d pretty much forced myself to announce this, which I am happy about.
Now like I said, this wasn’t a decision I wanted to make, but I’m glad I’m making it regardless (the fact that I know essentially every single one of you would understand makes it a whole lot better), but I just need to take this break to focus on my health and exams. For those wondering, my exams start on October 14th and end on November 6th. Though I only have 6 exams, these exams are really important, and I just need to take some time away from blogging. Yes, of course there will be days where I’ll have enough time to blog and all that jazz, but I’d prefer to leave it until the end.
Now you’re probably wondering what that means for my blog. Well fear not, the only thing that’ll be missing will be the daily blog posts. Those will be discontinued from as of now until November 6th (possibly longer if I think I need more time off). In the mean time, so this blog doesn’t look completely dead, I’m going to try add some QR codes the the queue so you still have something to look forward to each day (I know it’s nothing great, but it’s something none the less). That said, I’ll still be around, happy to answer questions, and posting the odd screenshot every now and then, I just wont be doing any blog posts.
So what will happen with those days I don’t blog for? I’m still undecided on this. I will still play New Leaf every day from now until the end of my exams, even it it’s just for a few minutes (unless I physically can’t). I’ll still be taking photos, as if I was going to blog at the end of the day, but I wont be. Now there are a few options I’m considering:
Option A) I’ll just continue doing day-by-day blogs, catching up from what I’ve missed. So on November 6/7, I will start with Day 116 and then maybe write about 5 or so days, per day, until I cached up to present time (does this make sense, I find it a little confusing myself?). Pretty much you’ll be getting multiple blog posts per day until I catch up to the present.
Option B) I’ll do multiple days per blog post. So there might be one blog post which will be titled ‘Animal Crossing New Leaf - Days 116-126’ or something like that.
Option C) I’ll just do one big massive blog post from what you’ve missed from Day 115 to whatever day I start playing again.

These are my main options, but of course, I have a few other lesser ones in mind, and I’m always happy to take suggestions - and for those wondering, right now I’m more leaning towards options A or B.
As for the giveaway, as you can probably tell, I will be going with the December 28, anniversary option. The results of the voting were I think something like 33 for November, and 71 for December. Now actually when I made the giveaway announcement post, I wanted it to be the December one just so I could focus the time away from my exams, so I’m glad it worked out that way!
***~~TL;DR~~***- I did the ‘mystery post’ because I knew if I didn’t I’d probably get cold feet and continue blogging when I didn’t particularly want to.
- taking time off to focus on health and exams/school (will still be on tumblr though, just wont be doing daily blogs until November 6).
- will do blog posts for day I’ve missed, but unsure how to do this (read above section for options I’m considering). I’m happy to take suggestions, too.
- AC:NL giveaway which I mentioned yesterday will happen on December 29th. More details about this will come around mid-December.
- probably forgot something, so if you just skipped to here ‘coz you’re lazy, read the rest of the post, or just drop me a message (like I said, I’ll still be around, just not blogging).

You can read the proper post here (but I legit copy and pasted it so it's essentially the same thing). But yeah, I'll be back to blogging in like 3 weeks.
Oh, also for those wondering what option I've chosen. I'll more than likely do option A (because thanks to Pokemon X and Y I haven't played AC a lot anyway), so there'll just be one big blog post of what you've missed (or two or three depending on how long it is). But as my birthday is on the 27th, and Halloween is on the 31st, there will be a blog post dedicated to my birthday and Halloween (but they'll be posted after November 6).

OH and the side bar text deletion issue I had a while ago has been fixed, so now you can see my villagers again.


  1. Ahh, all understood now (I'm brightblueberry33 btw, you probably guessed) thanks for that, good luck with your exams, hope everything is okay with you and have a good birthday (strangely enough it's just been mine!) if there's anything I can do... Just pm me on Tbt, okay?

  2. Okay, I understand. Just don't forget that your exams come before animal crossing (hard to believe, I know). Don't worry if you have to miss a day or so!

  3. I will have your health in my prayers. As a disabled vet, I understand the energy drain you have from exams. If it were not for AC: City Folks I would be worse off. You take care of YOU first. Take baby steps and one day at a time. BTW Thank You for your post & dedication to your blog & Game
    Adidas from Epeebell


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