Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 149

Last Nights Caper
Didn't end up playing after the masses of blogging I ended up doing.

Day 149
Somehow I guessed right in that there would be a fishing tourney coming up, but little did I know that it'd be this weekend!

The gods had also answered my prayers, and sent Katrina to Skyfall (thank you Farley - players of the GameCube version will get that reference). I did check how many times she'd visited after lost nights blog post, it was around the 14 or 15 mark, so we're getting there. Hopefully we'll have it opened by the end of the year, if not, hopefully early next year.

Ricky also wanted to visit my house (and oops I was meant to visit Rosie at 1:30 but forgot), so I decided to let him over as he wanted to come right away. He didn't stay very long (but do they ever do), and soon left.

I also think my town tree has changed, I think it lost some leaves but I'm not 100% sure on that one, it just looks a little more naked than it did yesterday.

After debating whether or not I should pay off the flower clock (it was in a spot I really wasn't happy with), I decided to cancel the project. I think I'll put near where Rod's house used to be, but before I build that I'm going to builg the hot spring because I want to get to work on the Japanese aspect of my town (should also remodel my town hall and train station to the zen style, too).

The Nookling's piece of harvest attire was the harvest chair, something I've already gotten, but I bought it anyway just for the sake of it (also you'd probably know already, but the harvest set costs 3,333 bells apiece).

After I'd gone to my house and emptied my pockets, Bree decided to drop by (seriously it's either her or Rosie...). I didn't mind tbh, so I let her in, and as usual, she didn't end up staying long. Maybe she wanted to come because she had tracked down Ricky's scent and thought he was in my house as he was there not too long ago? Love does make you do crazy things you know...

I also got a little bored so I decided to go visit the Dream Suite (yes, you heard right, the DREAM SUITE, pick your jaw off of the ground). Whilst I was there I updated my dream address (yes pick your jaw up again). Should also not my dream address is not the one in the header of the blog, it changed and I never got it updated. My actual dream address can be found in the sidebar of my Tumblr.

Whilst there, I decided to visit a town I had been meaning to visit for a long time, Hanabi. You know may of the town Hanabi, is it belongs to another AC blogger, known as sosostris. I don't think I've mentioned it before, but sosostirs was actually one of the main influences which made me start the Tumblr, so I guess a long over due dream visit was the least I could do.
She actually has a really nice town (and in all honesty I kinda went there to get inspiration for my own town because I think mine is kinda ugly, #selfish), but regardless, I really enjoyed her town.
If you want to check out her town for yourselves, her dream address is 4500-2096-7539.

I believe she also has another town for her Japanese version, but I was a little too lazy to plow through her blog to find what it was.
After awaking from my dream I decided to go out and catch the critters I still needed. I managed to nab a few of the ones I'm missing.
I believe now I only need one more bug, two more sea creatures, and a handful more fish.

The creatures I still need:
- Dung Beetle
- Tuna
- Oarfish
- Sea Butterfly
- String Fish
- Blowfish
- Loach
- Pond Smelt
- Horsehair Crab
- Giant Spider Crab
If all goes well, I believe I should have all three encyclopedia completed in March.

Of course, whilst diving, it was inevitable that I was going to come across a scallop, and greet Pascal, and I did. I handed him over the scallop and he gave me a ship compass.

Also as you can probably tell, before I started diving, I hit up Shampoodle and got my contacts changed. I did like the black ones, but I think they look cuter when I've got a tan. So whilst I was un-tanned, I decided to change them to blue for the winter (I also plan on getting a haircut tomorrow).

Unrelated News
I'm kinda tired and feeling uninspired to write stuff about my daily life in this section, so I shall see you guys in tomorrows post! Cya!


  1. Thanks for visiting Hanabi! I hope you had fun. I really need to put Kasen village's dream address somewhere more prominent. It's 3700-0166-7543 if you feel like stopping by. ;)


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