Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 152

Last Nights Caper
I decided to try my luck diving for the last crab I needed late at night to see if I had a better chance searching in the wee hours of the night. Nope. I did find a scallop though, which Pascal gave me a ship compass.

Day 152
November 14th marks the day Melba leaves town. She had her bags packed, and ready to leave. I honestly wasn't that sad to see her leave, she never impacted me much, and since most of her time in Skyfall was during my hiatus so...

South of Melba's house was where the lovely stone tablet used to reside, which had now been removed. I went to the town hall to build the new stone tablet in it's place to the left, but as suspected, Frita's house was too close to it's space, so I'll have to wait for her to leave until I can build it.

From last night meteor shower I had a letter in the mail from Wishy the star, who sent me a moon. Might as well put this here, too, but the Nookling harvest item was the TV.

Bree was also on a roll, suggesting some more public works projects, this time the tower. I don't plan on building it (not because of the price), just because it doesn't really match the vision I have of Skyfall.

I guess my luck must be coming back, because I got the horsehair crab AND the tuna, both the creatures I needed for the month. As I said previously, I'll mention the story behind the tuna. Back when I got Wild World (which I really don't remember when), me and my cousins all had our own copy (there was 4 of us), and whenever we got together (they lives hours away), we'd go to someones town and just fish. Because I got the game in summer (which was winter in the AC world), that was the first time I got to play with them. And since tuna are the nice winter rare-expensive fish, whenever someone caught a tuna we'd all be happy. So that's why I always like tuna, and probably why I like the snow.

Of course, it wouldn't be a daily diving trip without coming across Pascal, and we did - who this time gave us a retro telescope.

I also found my mushroom furniture today - they all seem to be hiding in forests and behind bushes, which is  probably why I didn't have any luck finding one yesterday. Today I got a mush end table.

Since I had pretty much completed all my encyclopedia's - only one creature left for the bug and diving encyclo's, and three or four for the fish encyclo's - I decided to change up my image. I didn't have much need for a wetsuit (since the giant spider crab doesn't appear until March), so there wasn't much point in still wearing it. I hit up the Able Sisters to buy some new clothes, ordered some from the catalog, and got my original hairstyle back. Most of the clothes were for the snow, so I probably wont be wearing them for another month.

Whilst I was at the Able Sisters, I decided to scan a QR code which was long over due. Back in May, sosostris/Jennifer posted a QR code for Midna's outfit from Twilight Princess, which I saved to my laptop - but as you all know, all the laptop drama I've had lately, I lost it - only today I decided to go back and find it, which I did, so I scanned it, and put it on a mannequin along with Midna's mask to get the complete look, my idea all along.

If you wanna scan the QR code for yourself, click here.

Unrelated News
Idk I'll probably play right after I post this, don't know if it'll be anything worth while though - 11pm so everything will be closed. I guess we'll just see how it pans out, cya!


  1. Thanks for sharing the midna dress QR code, it's awesome!

    Also, i don't have the game yet (i will in like a week and a half, right before thanksgiving) so i'm loving getting my fix from reading this blog :) Thank you

  2. Wish i had as many fish/sea creatres in my encyclopaedias! Suppose it's my own fault for not fishing/diving very often xD


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