Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 153

Last Nights Caper
Remember when I have those days, and I feel like I played but I didn't...? Well I'm having one of them right now...

Day 153
I don't think I've ever seen a resident sitting on a tree stump before (at least, not in my  town). So seeing someone sitting there was a nice was to start the day.

The fishing tourney is also taking place this weekend - I believe as last month was any fish, this month should be specific fish, the joy. I really never liked the specific fishing tourney in City Folk (though I did like the idea, made it less boring just looking for sea bass 24/7), but hopefully it'll be some unique fish that I don't get spammed with every time I fish.
To get into the spirit I also ordered some fishing gear from the catalog, so I'll have a beautiful fishing look for tomorrows event~~

Today's mushroom wasn't that hard to find either, it was just under a tree near Annalisa's house, but it only have us another end table. I'm still torn on the mush series, but I hope I can collect it all before the season is over. If not, I guess I'll just buy one somewhere.

The empty lot which was once Melba's house

I also found Gulliver washed ashore when I was patrolling the beach. I woke him up and begun his game of twenty-questions to answer where he came from. I usually write my options down but today I forgot (oops), but I know two of the options were Canada and Australia, and I'm thinking a third may have been Kenya, but regress, I guessed right.

When I was on Main Street and entered the Nookling's store to buy my daily dose of fertilizer (speaking of which I must check how close I am to 50, mustn't be too far off), and to check which harvest piece they had in, I noticed the sale sigh out the front. It may have been there yesterday, I'm not too sure, but I only just noticed to today. I did go upstairs to check which sale items she had in stock, but sadly none grabbed my eyes (only really looking for the wedding cake, but even still, I'm not desperate for it).

Rosie also asked me to catch her a butterfly, and Leonardo asked if he could start calling me Diva B. I saw no reason to decline either of them so I compelted Rosie's task and let Leonardo call me by the infamous nickname.

I also got bored and decided to try my hand at pattern making (namely because I'm tired of seeing the residents walk around with the bland default patterns). I made nothing special, but it's simple, and I like it. It's queued to post no Tumblr in around 12 hours, but my fellow blog readers get to view the pattern a good 12 hours early!

Unrelated News
A few quick simple things;
1) Bree didn't request a public works project today (shame on you)
2) I'm very tired and I don't know why
3) It's storming really bad, and has been for a good 2-3 hours (legit the lighting is so crazy it lights up my entire yard/room/house with one flash and it's pitch black as it's almost 1am) - it's so hectic and I'm paranoid it's gonna kill the power and if I'm on my laptop it'll blow up and I'll die so I just want to get off lol.


  1. Like the tee :D and thanks for the king tut mask :)

  2. Niagra Falls is also in USA, where I live.


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