Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 155

Last Nights Caper
Well bad internet connection and crappy weather what was I to do?

Day 155

Well that's a great way to start the day... flat on my face. We haven't had a bad luck day for a long time, so I guess it was to be expected. Though it wasn't that terrible for too long, because in came super Ricky to save the day, and suggested the zen bench public works project.

Whilst we're on the subject of Ricky, I'm also trying to get his picture (along with Bree's). I'm not too sure how long it'll take since I am lazy with doing jobs so... But hopefully we will get it before April Fools Day.

The Gracie and Nookling's specials were nothing new, another harvest sofa and some more of the card series. They also had the carpet in stock (which is a really cheap ~2,000 bells), but I didn't but it. I do kinda like the card set, but I don't know where I'd put it. I have been wanting to make a secondary character, but I wouldn't know where to put there house.

However, today's piece of mush furniture wasn't another end table or hanger, it was a lovely TV.

I also went to visit the Dream Suite (to connect to the internet as I couldn't do so yesterday). I updated my town, and then went to see if the 'random dream town' thing had been fixed (first it didn't work, then they fixed it but it always took you to Nintendo Village, then I never tried again). So I asked her to take me to a random town, and it did. I ended up going to three, but they were nothing to special.

I also went to expand my sleek room, so I went to Nooks Homes (turns out I never went to see him after I paid my last mortgage off LOL). So I had to speak to him before he would give me the price. It cost almost 600,000 bells, but nothing I couldn't afford. I'm hoping I can have my entire house expanded before the snow hits, so I can fill that lovely ice series in the basement (though it shouldn't be a problem of being able to afford, just whether or not I can be bothered to pay it off lol).

That then got me in the renovating mood, and I decided I hated the rococo set in my main room, so I hauled that upstairs, and moved the simple series downstairs, and well, this is the result...

Unrelated News
Decisions decisions... I'm applying for jobs tomorrow, so then I'll be getting money, and my own bank account, which means I can finally use the money I have obtained from blogger (and for those wondering, we made $10 from ads this week, so that's $10 to the Philippines as promised). And now that I'll soon have all this extra money...

1) Do I buy a second New Leaf game?
I kinda wanted one from the start, but running two towns just bores me. But I would like the feeling of starting off fresh.
2) Do I buy a Japanese 3DS?
I've always wanted one and my biggest regret was cancelling my order back in January... It would have been cool to own the Japanese version of New Leaf, and also be able to get my hands on a few Japanese exclusive games. Plus I really want Monster Hunter 4 and I keep fearing it wont make it to the west, when I know it probably will.
3) Do I buy a capture card? 
Probably the thing I want most out of all three. I really really really want one - to make videos and to stream, not only New Leaf, but other 3DS games as well. But I know that if I do decide to get one, I'm going to get lazy and no end up using it (and it costs like $300-$600 depending if you want to mod your 3DS, or buy one already modded).
Then I wondered if there were any 2DS's modded with capture cards (because that'd be cheaper and I kinda like the 2DS), but there aren't any (yet...). Maybe I'll wait until modded 2DS capture cards hit the market, and see how expensive they are before I make any decisions.

But YEAH, knowing me, I probably wont end up getting any of them because I am lazy like that. Each have their pros and cons and I'm still undecided about all of them #DECISONMAKINGSUCKS


  1. At least u have better luck than me getting mush stuff. I only managed to find the TV so far xD


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