Animal Crossing New Leaf - Days 157 & 158

Before We Start
I know I said I'd do different posts for each day, but I had about 355007 things to do today, and didn't have time to blog, so I decided I would just merge the two.

Day 157
First thing I did was duck into my house to see my newly expanded sleek room. Now it's as big as it can get, which I'm happy with (just need to add the the aesthetics of the room). Now I'll probably expand the alpine room to the right, and then work on the basement.

After Nook gave me my new mortgage, I headed back to my house to redesign my sleek room - then Rosie came to visit. I didn't expect her to leave so I just kept rearranging my room, but after no response, she soon left. Oops.

The days mushroom was also in a peculiar place, it was alongside the bamboo cuttings. I didn't know they could grow here, but I guess they can. I ended up getting a mush dresser.

I then went to check on the flower clock to see how it had turned out, but then I saw it. A house, smack bang in the middle of the pathway. At first, I was kinda mad, but after a few minutes the feeling eased off and I didn't mind anymore. I guess that part of town will just have to be postponed until out newest resident leaves. Thankfully it wasn't someone who I can see ending up in Skyfall permanently.
I didn't end up demoloshing the clock either, I'll do that after our new resident leaves.

I then headed up towards Main Street to check out the spotlight and harvest item at the Nooklings, and also check up on what special Gracie had at her boutique. Of course, it was nothing special.

The Quest for Ricky's Picture Day #2
Ricky pinged, so naturally, I spoke with him - he just wanted me to visit his house. I went over to his house with him, and had noticed the harvest and spooky pieces I had sold to him in an attempt to increase out friendship level. I'll probably order some more furniture to go with his house from the catalog tomorrow or something. I really don't like this look. Of course, I had to wait until the next day to receive me thanks in the mail.

Day 158
By the time I had actually woken up, checked on all my friends, and got myself together after a big night, it was roughly 4:30 in the afternoon, so I didn't get to play a lot. But I'll blog about what I did get to play, though.

Whilst patroling the town doing the daily duties of looking for dig spots, new hybrids and now mushrooms, Rosie pinged and told me she had to give a rift to Purrl, but was too embarrassed to do it herself. Of course, I accepted her request and gave it to Purrl, who gave me a desert-camo shirt in return.

Also on my daily duties, I cam across a lost item. I went around searching for the owner whilst completing my other chores, and finally found that it belonged to Annalisa, who gave me a trash bin as a reward.

I really liked the inside of Leonardo's house. I should probably 
make an effort to visit my residents in their homes more
 often just so I get a geeze at their houses.

Whilst looking for the items owner, I passed Jacques' (did I do it right??? is the apostrophe in the right place) house and decided to drop by. He actually looks kinda cool and hip, so I shall look forward to seeing him around Skyfall - but as soon as he wants to leave I'll let him, so I can landscape the northern part of town.

Today's piece of mush furniture was down near Ricky's house, and was a piece I'd yet to obtain - the wall paper. I don't know if I should use it or not (as I'm using the autumn/fall wall or whatever the one is called that you get from Saharah), but maybe I'll put it up just to see what looks better.

And finally, the items at Nooklings and Gracie Grace were nothing special.

I didn't get a chance to pester Ricky for a chore today, so no quest for Ricky's photo section today.

Unrelated News
Yeah I want to make this quick, I've only been awake for around 6 hours and I'm already dead tired. I kinda just wanna sleep so cya!


  1. I never bother to do anything for my villagers anymore. I just got too lazy xD

  2. I have Jacques in my town and I don't like him at all but he never wants to leave, and instead my favorite villager Rudy left instead :( I want Rudy back


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