Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 159

Last Nights Caper
I don't even...

Day 159
Today was probably the most eventful day Skyfall has had in a LONG time, it kinda brought me back to the early blogging days where I had about 207325 things going on, but could only blog about half of them due to time constraints and the like. It was a nice feeling being able to go back into that mindset.

First thing I noticed when I begun playing was a dig spot next to the cut down bamboo stalks which I plan on landscaping around once I get some more holly shoots. Whilst I figures this would just be a fossil or something, to my surprise it was another rare mushroom! I guess that's a reconfirmation that mushrooms do spawn around bamboo as well.

I also went to visit Jacques in his house (but I didn't talk to him because I am a bad mayor). The interior of his house was actually really nice. Though knowing the typical Skyfall residential tradition, he'll soon buy a load of stupid items and ruin the aesthetics of his house... Let's take bets on how long it'll take before it starts getting filled with lovely items from Rosie.

Redd was also in town again, and for the second time, he had two legit artworks again. I guess this happens because each time Redd visits, he has a 100% chance of having a legit artwork, then the rest are fake and spawned randomly. So then I guess each random spawn has a chance of being a piece of art without a fake, thus there being two real artworks. Sadly this time I needed both, so I bought one painting, and then had my friend Shannon come over and purchase the other one for me and give it to me once it arrived in her town.

Fake - it's holding a UFO

Fake - it should have a blue headband

Real - there is no fake

Real - the lady in the white dress isn't extremely tall

I actually calculated this on Sunday, and expected to reap my reward the week after, but I guess I did my calculations wrong and ended up getting it a few days early. 50 bags of fertilizer later, and now I finally have the golden shovel. I'm glad it actually has more purpose in this game with the introduction of fertilizer. Maybe now I can actually get some purple pansies instead of breeding orange/yellow/red.

Gracie and Nooking specials were nothing too amazing. They were essentially things I had already bought before, though I did buy a pair of shorts at Gracie Grace.

I bought the pair of shorts to the right

As we're talking about seasonal items, today's mushroom was another piece we'd already gotten, another mush TV. At this point I'm almost certain I won't have completed the mush series by the time December rolls in, oh well.

I also went to the town hall to get an updated photo of Skyfall's town map now that Jacques had moved in, but I got distracted because I had yet to attend the ceremony for the flower clock completion, and completely forgot to get the updated town map... Maybe I'll remember again tomorrow.

Then Frita pinged and asked me to change her catchphrase. I change it to something more fitting, and hopefully she'll soon get the hint and leave Skyfall.

The Quest for Ricky's Picture Day #3
Pestering Ricky today opened up two duties to perform. One was to simply catch him a butterfly, which he rewarded me with an alpine rug - but the other one was to go visit his house at 6:30pm (which I remembered!). I guess we'll see tomorrow what my reward in the mail is.

Unrelated News
I'm not really tired today but I did leave this until extremely late (it's pretty much 2am oops), because I got distracted watching Grimm which went until like 1:45 but man that was a good show (I've never seen it before). So yeah, anyway, cya!


  1. Congrats on the pwp, and c'mon Ricky! You must be nearly there by now xD

  2. plz more!! I love reading your blog


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