Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 161

Last Nights Caper
Idno oops

Day 161
Well today had a welcoming feel, because as soon as I walked out of my house, I was greeted by three glorious mushrooms. I hoped one would be a piece of mush furniture to save my troubles later on in the day, but nope, just three regular mushrooms. The mush piece was in the north eastern corner of town, behind Re-Tail, and gave us a mush wall lamp.

Seven days of November left, there's no way were going to complete the set.

Chester also pinged shortly after, and told me he plans to leave Skyfall in the coming days. Of course, I didn't really feel for Chester that much (he has such a creepy smile), so I let him go. Hopefully our next neighbor will be Frita/Jacques so we can finish landscaping the area their houses are located.

Katrina had also set her tent up around the town tree so that meant another fortune to be added to the slowly growing list of 20. I believe I'm somewhere around the 16 mark, I'm too lazy to check (I think I mentioned it not too long ago, too). Just over a month until 2014, I really do hope we can check her off before the new year (lets keep them fingers crossed).

Over in Main Street, both Gracie Grace and the Nooklings didn't have anything of interest in stock.Gracie did have some pleather pants I liked, which I ended up buying, and I put them in my 'walk-in-wardrobe' in my museum display room. The Nooklings just had a harvest lamp which I had already attained. I should probably check to see which pieces of harvest furniture I am missing 'cause I do think I am missing a few (and THEN YAY DECEMBER = GLOW STICKS AND FESTIVE ITEMS).

The Quest for Ricky's Picture
I'm too lazy to go back and check what day I'm up to (I believe it's either day 4 of 5), so I'll just leave it day-less for now on. Probably a lot easier.

Anyway, I tried to spam Ricky as much as possible today, but I only ended up with one request, which gave me a plain tent wall.

Though I did go through his drawers, and manage to nab a rock guitar, and he did sell me a neutral painting, which ended up being real (after two previous fakes) - that must be good for the friendship points!

Unrelated News
I bought A Link Between Worlds today but I haven't even played it oops. I've got like 359073205 things to do (ok not really), and I just haven't gotten around to playing it.

On a very unrelated note, I do hope I can actually wake up around 11 in the morning. For the past few days, I've been waking up at 1pm at earliest! Sheesh, it's horrible, feels like you've just wasted half the day. Ideally, I like waking around 10:30, but as I'm not doing anything school/work wise, I think 11 is a nice compromise. Cya!


  1. I downloaded A Link To The Past yesterday night. I must say it's worth the money, a great installment in the LoZ series. I am addicted! Once again ty for blogging, I always love your posts and look forward to them.

  2. Can I please hav your friend code please ill tell u mine


  4. Haha glad I'm not the only one wishing for December


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