Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 162

Last Nights Caper
I slept early but still woke up at like 12:30 what???

Day 162
Well today was actually the day I expected to get the golden shovel, but nope. So there were no big celebrations. Though we did get a unique mushroom piece this time, the closet.

I forgot to check Gracie Grace today, so not sure what her specials were (but I'm sure I've seen them all so couldn't have been anything special), and the Nooklings just had another dupe harvest piece.

I guess Frita must've got word that she was on Skyfall's evicition list, as she wanted to see me a proper painting, which turned out to be real.
I'm not sure who would've told her, since gossip girl Gala has left town. I know Gala and Rosie were close, they were even neighbors, so maybe Rosie has taken over the crown but I just haven't noticed?

I even spammed Ricky with conversation, almost to the extent where he was getting fed up of talking to me - but he gave me no chores. He did tell me that he heard a rumor that Chester was leaving... I wonder if that was Rosie's doing?

That was about all for the day, and then I went back on in the evening. I went to visit Bree (since I haven't seen her for a while, and wouldn't mind getting her photograph either). And she had a me deliver something to Purrl. Though on my way to deliver an item to Purrl, I found a lost item in the persimmon/bamboo field. I picked it up and checked with Ricky, whom owned it. I then gave Bree's delivery to Purrl, both of which gave me a shirt.


Yes? That really looks like she didn't realize it was lost???
Also looking at Bree's house, it's looking bland like Ricky's, so I ordered some regal items which I will send to her. Hopefully it makes her house look better!

Unrelated News
I played A Link Between Worlds for about 10 minutes, until I kinda got bored.

Like the gameplay is really good, the graphics are nice and the game plays smoothly. But I hate the design (like really Link looks so weird), and I done like the above view over world gameplay, it seems odd. Like I get they wanted to copy the original game, but it just seems odd to me.
Anyway, I don't know if I'll play some more later tonight, but we'll see. Cya!


  1. It's probably not a surprise I never get villager pictures..I'm too lazy to complete any chores xD

  2. I was kinda annoyed by the above view over world gameplay as well, but don't worry. You get used to it. I'm addicted!


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