Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 163

Last Nights Caper
I played a little Pokemon, other than that, nothing too exciting.

Day 163

I swear, like a week ago the harvest festival was like months ago, but now it's only a couple of days away. In City Folk, I never participated in the thanksgiving event - namely because it, as well as the majority of events, were tedious and repetitive. All you did was go to Tortimer, get a knife and fork, and then find Franklin hiding, and give it to him...
Same with Easter, Carnival, and do not even get me started on Christmas (that was the most annoying one of the lot). I'm glad they actually changed this up in New Leaf (as well as the other events). It should hopefully make me enjoy the day a little more. Only 3 days left!

Whilst we're talking about the harvest festival, might as well talk about today's unique items. The Nooklings had a harvest table (I might have already bought this, but I don't remember, so I bought it anyway), and Gracie Grace had a new card/trump bookcase (though I didn't buy it), nd as usual, today's mush piece was a duplicate, the closet.

There were also a butt load of flowers around Skyfall today. Firstly, there was a lovely jacobs ladder right out front of my house. But that wasn't all. Once I went to visit the purple rose patch, I swear, I have no idea what was going on, I didn't put any fertilizer there or anything but...

There were 4 or 5 new purple roses which had just spontaneously appeared over night... wat. Seriously, this was trippy...

There was one hiding behind the bench, too.

My residents also had me doing a few chores, which is what I did for the majority of my day. First Bree had a gift that needed delivering to Annlisa. So, as any good mayor would do, I delivered it to her. I didn't get anything in return though, because it was one of those stupid "guess what it is and you get to keep it, if not sux 2 b u xo" - which I don't think I've even gotten one correct... and that, Annalisa, is why you will not be a permanent resident in Skyfall.

Leonardo also seemed eager to speak with Jacques, so I scurried around for the fellow bird, and took him over to Leonardo's house... for the stupidest conversation, ever.

In addition, I guess Bree and Purrl were in a good mood, because they pinged and let me have an item for no apparent reason, thanks!

And to end the day, I found another rare mushroom.

Unrelated News
Meh, I dunno. I plan on going to the mall tomorrow, not sure what I want to buy though. I am thinking of buying Pokemon Y, but they are pretty scarce here in Australia so I don't know if I'll get my hands on a copy. On top of that, I'm also handing out some more resumes, and hopefully I'll score some neat pre-Christmas deals! Cya!


  1. Always choose clothing! I swear 99% of the time the gift is always clothes. I've only gotten furniture twice since June.

  2. Yeah, I heard the harvest festival is hard but rewarding. And most of all- fun!


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