Animal Crossing New Leaf - Day 164: The Snow is Coming!!

Last Nights Caper
I slept early for a big today ahead.

Day 164

The snow is coming! I repeat, the snow is coming! Just look at that lovely foliage, just lovely. The grass finally changed color! Now it's not that hideous orange color which just looks horrible if you ask me. Now, we have more of a dark green/brown color, even though I prefer orange over this new color, the town definitely looks a lot better with this new seasonal change! The snow is coming closer...


Though that wasn't the only change to get me in the mood, no. The olive bushes had stopped flowering, and the holly bushes has started budding!! And it gets better, the town tree had even lost all it's leaves!!! I mean really, does anything else say 'welcome winter' better than this?

Although that was about all the exciting things that happened today, as mentioned previously, I hada big day ahead today, so I barely had any time to play. Though I did manage to snag today's mush piece, as well ask check the stores. The Nookling's had a piece I had already gathered though (the clock I believe), so I didn't bother with it.

And to end the wondrous day, Bree suggested a public works project, the modern bench. I doubt I'll build it, the only other bench I want is the log bench, and it seems like every other bench has been suggested, except the one that I'm looking for... Oh well.

Unrelated News
So yeah, sorry for the shortish post, but I was really busy today (I was out from 11-4 and once I got home I had a massive headache which didn't seem to go away). Tomorrow I should be able to play more, though (however I still have to do a number of things in the morning, yet another 10 O'clock start... EWW). So yeahhhhh....... Cya!


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